Monthly Favorites – July 2019

July is my favorite month for many reasons.

1. Baby D and 80% of my friends (including my brother A) are born in July.

2. Something exceptionally good happens to me at this time of the year.

3. Point (or plausibility) number two has never backfired till date.
I am champing at the bit to list down this month’s favorites so that I can post on time, well, atleast for once.




here we go.

Restaurant – Southern Masala, Vellore

A misconstrued assumption which has hoaxed people for generations is that food and happiness are interlinked. To me, happiness IS good food. I fancy relishing the signature cuisines I come across in IG but when we go out, I usually settle for baby D’s comfort food Idli – Sambhar.

What came as a pleasant surprise was the extra accompaniment this restaurant offered. Along with Idli, Sambhar and Chutney, came a dish full of rich, creamy Sodhi whose aroma aroused a wave of paternal nostalgia in me. Since we tried and tasted puttu, kadala curry, chicken gravy, aapam, coconut milk and masala dosa, I can, without a doubt, vouch for the quality of the aforementioned items as well.

The Rains

I was this close to sell my kidney and aviate to Mars (it burns less there) when all of a sudden the clouds camouflaged the flamethrower and cried buckets until I crossed out my travel plan.

Believe me, when it rains, this place I live transforms into an enchanting Shangri-La. Even baby D seemed to like the idea of windows running strange patterns of water marks all over. I hope he evolves into a pluviophile-cum-poet someday.


We are still clinging on to my outdated playlist except that it’s played and performed by the tyke of our household. When he lets the speakers blare at its loudest, shakes his baby bum and hums along using high-pitched vowels, I cook, clean and if on my lucky streak, even take a shower before he gets back to his senses.Our recent favorites are Mudhalvane, O Mariaand the first half of Yiruma sound track.


And nearly 20K visitors!!!!!! No, I’m not quoting the stats of some random five year old fashion blog I couldn’t keep my eyes off. YKWIM!!! What you probably don’t know is how much this milestone means to me. The five-digit surge didn’t betide overnight.

Posting an article is almost like birthing a baby. I have to eliminate fear and self-doubt, give my 100% no matter how long or hard it takes and blow life to the incorporeal soul that beautifies (only) when the garland of words grow.Dear readers, thank you for vouchsafing this invaluable reward. It is only because of your love, this blog of mine continues to grow. I welcome the new readers who have recently subscribed to our stories and heartily thank the old ones for your acknowledgement and support.

Happy August, everybody!!






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