Mommyversary Update

Our little one turned two last week.

The nub of it I already shared in the last post. This past year has been all about him exploring the world around, testing his limits in everyway possible. In the beginning, it was funny seeing him toddle, he moved as if he had an oversized apple between his thighs. Sparing him from falls, bumps and bruises kept me busy round the clock I couldn’t make an inch of effort to click pictures like we did before he turned one. Hence most of my memories about baby D’s toddlerhood seem to have been obscured already with time.

Growth spurts galore smacked right up against our routine when baby D turned two. My emergency hormones continue to be in fine fettle even when I’m asleep. Sigh. It makes me wonder if I fed him some strange elixir by mistake. How on earth could a baby (okay, a toddler) permutate their disposition too often otherwise? One day he masters the art of self-discipline and Voila, wins everyone’s heart. Just like that. The next day, the very next day, he screams his lung out for trivial reasons, possibly reminding me that he’s still a clueless little baby boy trying to figure things out. Or perhaps, this is the so called “terrible two’s” Internet mombies often cough about. I’m unsure though.

The way I love my child keeps evolving on demand. Breastfeeding and puree-making rituals are yellow, blurry pages of history now. Our bond has strengthened itself in the run. We listen to the same kinda music (I really hope he sticks on to it), climb stairs together even if it’s for the thousandth time (btw, I’m still fat), shoo crows back to the sky and travel where the clouds float.

Baby D has grown a little taller. Those cuddly layers of baby fat are all gone leaving behind the looks of a mini human rather than a big baby. His attitude reflects an interesting mix of our characteristics but more often than not his paternal traits appear predominant.

A child’s birthday marks a major milestone in their mother’s journey too. Toddler management brings with it a vicious cycle of physical and emotional challenges, especially when experimented with minimal support. But there are many highs than lows in parenting. Infact it is the most divine of all deeds that sure comes with a price – our time. After having learnt to take it all in my stride with contentment and pride, being a full time mom no longer seems low on the totem pole. Yes, it’s a job. A tiring, full time job without paycheck. I receive kissies though. On a serious note, that counts.

As I always say, every child is a God-given opportunity to make this world a better place. Let’s pray and hope this year brings in more peace, good health, necessary wealth and indefinite blessings for our child. And yours.






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