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I am Divya Krishnan, a techie by profession and writer by passion. One sunny afternoon, the stork knocked our door, delivered baby D and BAM! every minute that followed by miraculously redefined my sole purpose of existence in this sublunary world. It is not easy being a mother and most definitely impossible to be the perfect one – no matter how hard you try. Days tick by in a whirl of million nappy changes and jillion growth spurts, not to mention the overbearing cries in the middle of a good night’s sleep. Mood swings and meltdowns are part of the ordeal. The list simply goes on. A mom is often fragile and emotionally unarmed while fighting back a myriad of situations that question her capabilities. Tribulation is part of motherhood and that makes the journey more meaningful. I truly celebrate the role of being a mom and would move mountains to keep the little one comfy and happy.

Merry Motherhood is a humble attempt to document my experiences as a first-time mom. Most of the scenes revolve around my Baby D who is 1.5 years old and Dr.H my husband who is a doctor (When we meet someone new, I deftly say “he is a doctor and I’m the sane one”, just to promote my non-doctory skills). In addition to the mom-talk, I sometimes do the estrogen-induced jibber-jabber when I crave an uplifting conversation.

I believe in the power of Positive Parenting hence the mission to accomplish my self-laid goals with respect to nurturing baby D is forever a WIP. The commitment calls for more learning, encouragement and mutual support from people who are better experienced than me. Through this virtual sanctum of mine, I intend to let you readers see the world through my eyes at the expense of your precious time.

Every child is unique, so is the way we parent them. Recently, I have also added a column named “Star Rendezvous” where I interview other moms about their parenting journey and share their experience in the form of Q&A.

So far, the response has been amazingly overwhelming. Merry Motherhood has gained more than 2K followers till date. I still cannot believe that the words I type from this dark corner of my bedroom is being read, ruminated and enjoyed by people all over the world. Thank you so much for your kindness and feedback. I value every reader of mine, we are now a close-knit community in this widespread blogosphere. If you are interested to guest-post in my site, please send an email to merrymotherhood2017@gmail.com with the subject “Guest Post For MM”. Let’s help each other grow better as a parent and outgrow our own weaker versions in the days to come.


Happy Parenting 🙂

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  1. Thank you so much for following my blog. I read your last post written on Aug. 22, 2018 and found something special in your style of writing. Let me explore your blog slowly (I mean slowly) to see what that specialty is!! 🙂

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    1. My pleasure.
      I am so excited to know that you are going to go through my articles. Do enjoy and spend your precious time in diving through the concocted tales that are meant to be relished in exactly the way you’re intending to. Slowly. 🙂

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  2. Congratulations on joining the madness, uh, I mean magic of parenting. 😀 It’s definitely a wild ride!

    Thanks for following The Write Edge. I hope you find it interesting and informative. I know you’ll probably get a kick out of my parenting posts!

    All the best to you on your writing journey!

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