Tips For A Perfect Babymoon

What is a Babymoon?

                     Babymoon is a vacation taken by parents-to-be, usually during the second trimester of pregnancy, as a means of relaxation. Amidst the fluctuating moods and constant stress that prevail throughout pregnancy, going on a babymoon is an efficient stress-buster that connects the couple even closer to each other.



Planning the Babymoon

                     Are you in your second trimester? Do have plans to go on a babymoon trip? If yes, please keep the following in mind:


Opt for a spot that is easily reachable. Going to distant places during pregnancy would not be safe all the time and anything that questions your safety during pregnancy is a big No-No.




Couples should ensure that their partner is comfortable with the travel plan. Remember, it requires the happiness of two of you to make it a memorable and perfect babymoon. So always ensure that your partner is okay with the plan.



With the upcoming expansion of family, you and your partner would be super-cautious about defraying money. The babymoon plan should not be a nightmare to your piggy bank. Make sure that you won’t run out of all your savings due to this trip. An easily affordable investment would be ideal.



Advance Booking 

Less waiting time = More fun. Book your trip in advance, to avoid last minute mishaps. Before you begin the journey, call the hotel reception and confirm your booking again. Keep the booking details handy. (The images below are downloaded from




The growing belly definitely needs some flaunting, for it is the badge to indicate others that you are on your babymoon trip. So, it is always good to get yourself a new set of outdoor maternity clothes that brings the best belly out of you 🙂





Be a smart woman and prepare a checklist. You are going to be a mother and having a checklist is going to be part and parcel of your life from now on. Pack your trolley well in advance with the essentials needed. Some of the must-haves are insect-repellants, iron and calcium supplements, mobile phone charger and first-aid kit. Do not forget to take your camera along with the tripod stand. Also, pack a lot of extra garments. You won’t regret dolling yourself up, after all 😉

Happy Pregnancy 

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