The Mombie Conundrum

This post comes straight from the brain of an overworked, undernourished yet physically over-sized, emotionally drained, insanely sleep deprived mommy – you may conveniently call me ‘mombie’.

  • It’s been an year since I slept through the night. Baby D is not the whole reason. He has a decent sleep pattern these days ( Touchwood! ) but I still am unable to get back to track.
  • There is always a heap of urinated, puree-stained clothes in the bin that await my attention so that they get washed, sun-dried and pressed . Always. And this happens at a house where laundry is done twice a day.
  • I miss spending time with my husband. I wish he could stop being a daddy figure for a while and check if the lady of the house is alive in the kitchen.
  • Why can’t the baby just roll aside and sleep?
  • I almost forgot what it’s like to have a proper shower at home. Mine ends as soon as it begins. I strongly hope I am clean.
  • No, I don’t curse YouTube and baby D’s love for its animated videos. YouTube is our digital nanny for now.
  • Planning the next meal is tougher than putting the little one to sleep.
  • Kitchen. ARGH! Okay, I’m blessed to cook for the family, I’m nurturing my family blah blah. Sometimes, no, most of the times, I secretly wish someone else could trade responsibilities with me.
  • No. I don’t want guests who drop by to judge my parenting and housekeeping skills. On a lighter note, guests who are kind enough to do the dishes and admit their own parenting bloopers are most welcome.
  • Yes. I have dark circles and I know it. Don’t you dare point it out to me!
  • Yes. I look too old for my age and I know it. Don’t you dare point it out to me!
  • Poop. Nappy. Diaper. Potty training.
  • Lullaby, Youtube Ads, I inadvertently mumble inappropriate words.

Oh my! A mombie’s disquieting train of thoughts may lead you nowhere. If you are a mombie yourself, feel good that you aren’t sailing the boat alone. If not, be grateful for the normal life you are bestowed with.

Either case, you are welcome 😉

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    1. Thank you so much for going through the posts, Vadu akka. I’m so glad you could relate yourself to the new-mom incidents I have mentioned here. Your honest feedback means a lot to me and I hope the upcoming posts will continue to keep you hooked to this blog 🙂


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