The Third Trimester Tales

I have completed my 36th week now. Yay! 😁36 weeks and 3 days, to be precise. I am almost at the end of third trimester and I think the symptoms and feelings I currently experience are worthy to be drafted and remembered for a lifetime. 💛

My mom is staying and working in a school, which is too far from our home. So, we get to meet only during weekends. She is yet to apply her medical leaves, as she has very few leaves left. I have my due date this month and I miss her terribly during the week days. With all the special weekend pampering, it has become harder to manage the week days without her. 😒
I used to be a daddy’s girl. Though I love my mom so much, I am that kid who always firmly says, “Of course, I love my dad more. I love him the most!”. Dr.H told me that I’d eventually weigh and love my mom more, when I go home during pregnancy. I strongly disagreed it. Now I realize how right he was! I am in need of my mom 24/7. To clarify my doubts, to give me a hand while waking up, to massage my spine, to sit beside me when I have my lunch, to hear her own experiences in managing me as a baby, to touch my tummy and talk to the LO and most of the times, just to stay beside me. May be, it is my own mom-to-be vibes, that is causing me to emotionally stick to my mom more. I now value every little (and big) deed she does for me. In the evenings, I sit and recall my childhood days when I used to be so mischievous. I now regret for being so. When I apologized for the same, my mom burst into laughter and asked me not to be dramatic. 😏
So, this is the new me. I have become more fragile, more kind-hearted and more attached to everyone at home. LO is already bringing out the best in me and I am loving it👶.
 Not to mention the happiness that my fully stretched bump gives me.
There were times, when I badly wanted to ‘look pregnant’, especially during the first trimester hospital visits. Everyone around me used to flaunt their baby bumps with beautiful maternity dresses and I always felt like I was the only one in the waiting room, who did not ‘look pregnant’. Though my bump began showing up during the second trimester, the fully grown bump that I have now is the best of all.
And then, with the due date slowly approaching, there are now more tales to say. Yeah, ‘slow’ is not just a plain term here. I have so may pregnancy apps installed in my phone. At 12:00 AM sharp, I check all the apps and enjoy counting the days down towards my due date. It is an amazing feeling😄. Unfortunately, it is transient and plays with my patience, the rest of the day. Can you imagine waiting for the day to get over, right after that day has begun?!!
My YouTube history is full of videos titled, “baby born at 33 weeks”, “baby born at 33 weeks 1 day”, “beautiful preemie born at 34 weeks” and I have seen the video of “baby born at 36 weeks 3 days” till date.I have also updated myself with nerdy terms related to pregnancy 😎. Dr.H came here yesterday and was pleasantly shocked when I explained him the reason behind having ‘linea nigra‘ during pregnancy. Thanks to the pregnancy blogs and apps, I have learnt so many things about pregnancy and birthing.My husband and I are planning to buy the baby essentials this week. He is a bit sentimental and wanted to buy them only after LO arrives. But, after a lot of insistence, I convinced him to buy few baby towels that would be needed when I get admitted in the hospital. So, here we are… almost towards the end of the pregnancy and we can’t wait to meet the precious soul!!!!!Please wish us the best! 💑

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