Microblog Mondays – Sharing Life’s Little Tidbits

• I watched "The Good Dinosaur" last night and cried happy, sad and every other variant of emotional tears. • A little friend (read: best friend) of mine (and baby D) gifted me a cute, hand-made card that had an adorable craft work with a sweet message written inside it. While handing over, he smiled... Continue Reading →

Microblog Mondays – Monday? Yes, please.

This evening, while unpacking the grocery boxes, I heaved a sigh of relief and muttered, "Few more hours, thank God, the weekend is going to be so over!". Dr.H understandingly nodded back. I guess after having spent nearly four hours fixing the sump he must be too tired to even grouse like I do. The... Continue Reading →

Microblog Mondays – I Lull For Two Reasons

If you are reading this post, I bet my billion bucks you do not know me personally. Ask my acquaintances about my traits and they are sure to list atleast a couple of these: "She walks fast" (some say 'funny') "She is short" (some add 'stout', thanks to my ever-increasing postpartum weight) "Her wedding -... Continue Reading →

Microblog Mondays – The Characteristics I’m Not Proud Of

  I'm obsessed with eliminating plastics from the world. Easier said than done, I know. So I decided to wish for something scalable and ended up decluttering my home. Dr.H didn't like my idea of throwing away baby D's unused diaper packs, Fisher-Price toys, Avent feeding bottle, Roots combs and Tupperware cutlery sets, therefore we... Continue Reading →

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