My Quotidian Routine

I seriously have run out of topics. A mild dose of Indian politics might amuse you but I cannot afford to discuss it without throwing in a handful of ahem ahem.. swear words then and there. So today the focus is on some of the monotonous tasks of my life as a stay-at-home mother. Fasten... Continue Reading →

A Frugal Mom’s Guide To Smart Shopping

Dr.H and I have decided to keep an eye on every single transaction that usually bypasses our notice and skip every purchase that isn't concerned with food, tea, clothing needs (not for the next two months), tea, baby essentials, tea, one-time fuel for the forever thirsty car at the beginning of the month, tea and... Continue Reading →

Sunshine Blogger Award – My Third Award!!!

The whole idea of blogging is to let the world know what's running in your seemingly introverted mind. If it isn't for the acknowledgement from readers and fellow bloggers, one would have always opted for a personal diary or a similar app in the phone to jot down their ideologies and feelings. Bagging this award... Continue Reading →


Hello friends, I know I'm too late for the last part of this challenge but hey, wouldn't you forgive me for indulging too much in household chores for the past few days?  You gotta 🙂 It's funny how people often misinterpret infatuation with love when it is actually pretty easy to place the two apart... Continue Reading →

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