This Is Our New Normal

Friends with whom I have lost touch lately are re-establishing the broken links of our communication via social media. This could be one of the many side effects of lockdown or perhaps my presence in the virtual world is genuinely missed. Perhaps. I find it hard to channelize my thoughts these days. The compelling comfort of this recluse lifestyle has silenced even my pen’s gift of gab, let alone mine.

As you all know, the Government has been taking massive, unprecedented steps to curb the spread of Corona virus in our country, the significant measure being the 21 day lockdown across the entire nation. Since we live in a close-knit community inside the hospital campus, I have drawn an even closer Lakshman rekha for baby D, completely restricting his access near the main door.

Every morning, I religiously go through the informative and suggestive information cited in the trusted sites and share them with Dr H. The least I could do to keep him safe.

Everytime I come across posts that show innocent kids holding the poster, “My dad (or mom) is a doctor (or a nurse). They aren’t here at home but working outside for your safety”, fear creeps all over my body. I know it’s intended to convey the commitment of healthcare workers but with the lack of protective equipment and other unspoken vulnerabilities this community is exposed to, I am afraid such posts trigger misery in the minds of their family members.

Thanks to the lockdown, baby D’s sleep pattern has taken an unpleasant twist since the end of last month. Like most of us, kid too wouldn’t have anticipated staying indoors 24/7 hence the first week was really challenging. In the beginning, the neighbour and I had to drag our own kids from the corridor multiple times inorder to lock them up at home. Now they are pretty much accustomed to the rules and communicate only via video calls.

I am finding endless solace in the company of our parents. Although virtual, checking up on them gives me so much strength to run my own engine hassle-free.

Our lives are settling into a new normal. One where I remain in a constant state of panic yet maintain my cool. One where the idea of preschool, park, basically anything outdoorsy is a distant dream. One where home-meals count as a blessing. One where a day or even an entire week can be run without the assistance of vehicles, online shopping and diapers. One where self-imposed hygiene isn’t an option but a necessity. One where hugs and kisses aren’t okay but staying apart is.

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  1. Thank you so much for visiting my blog.
    I am losing track of time. But I think we are halfway through our fourth week now. The days all merge into each other and I think I am driving my children mad, asking them constantly, “But what day is it today?” Technically then we would have another week or so to go, but the numbers are rising, so my guess is the lock down will be extended.

    I want to say, that I really enjoyed your post. But under the circumstances, it seems like a very strange thing to say. But I hope you understand my sentiments.

    I hope that you and your family can weather the storm well and stay safe.


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