Important Message To The Doctors & Other Healthcare Professionals Who Are Fighting Against COVID – 19


Here are few suggestions to ensure you do not transmit infections to your family

Things to do when:

You go to work:

✓ Consider shifting to scrubs.

✓ Wear short sleeves – less chance of your clothing picking up anything you don’t want to be taking home.

✓ Tie your hair up.

✓ Take as little as possible from home, especially if you need to bring it back.

✓ Use your non-dominant hands for doorknobs, bathrooms, transport.

Before you go home:

✓ Wash your hands.

✓ Clean or wipe down everything you are planning to take home – especially mobile phone.

✓ Take as little as possible home.

✓ Clean your spectacles incase you wear them.

✓ Leave your ID card (if possible), pens at work (change to a badge holder pinned to the front of your scrubs and leave the lanyard at home).

At home:

✓ Open doors with your foot or get someone else open the door for you.

✓ Use the staircase whenever possible. Avoid touching the handrails.

✓ If ringing the bell or using the elevator, use toothpicks.

✓ Leave your footwear outside the house.

✓ If you are touching a doorknob, make sure you wipe it off yourself after you enter.

✓ Go straight to the bathroom and take a nice hot shower with soap.

✓ Wash your hair if you have not covered it at work.

✓ Wash your clothes yourself and put it to Sun dry.

✓ Keep your clothes (that you need to change into) ready in the morning before you leave for work in the bathroom or in a bag easily accessible on the way to the bathroom.

✓ Clean the bathroom and all the surfaces you have touched before you leave the bathroom.

✓ Clean your spectacles after taking bath.

✓ Do not go home for lunch or in between the working day for any reason, as much as possible. Clock in, work, clock out and keep your family safe.

Source: Department of Neonatology, Christian Medical College, Vellore.

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