Miles To Go…

…before the rest of the world wakes up!!!

Now that every place is closed due to Corona Virus breakout, Gym is currently a luxury too far above my state. Social distancing didn’t affect my life in a difficult manner yet. It has, in a way, given me a better opportunity to know my onions in the field of (in)sanity management. One of the two habits I have adopted during this period is to wake up in the ungodly hours and stroll around the block.

Apart from the endless health benefits to the physique, an outdoor walk early in the morning enriches even one’s sacred equipment – the mind. Initially, I had to overcome if not too much, a good number of time constraints but in a week, household chores and everything else automatically bent itself into this new curve I designed. Although to be honest, getting up from bed is still a challenge for me. For someone who has seen dawn only as an extension of the previous night (I can easily sit through until early morning but once I hit the bed, five o clock is sleep o clock for me), the trigger alarm is as pesky as the tantrums of a toddler. This brain fog, however, doesn’t hold me up once I’m out of house.

The first whiff of earthly fresh breeze instantly uplifts my mood and boosts the batteries of my body to their fullest. I buddy up when the neighbor is available. We talk about inconsequential things that are mostly fun memories, share stories that spread positive vibes and circle two or three blocks inside the campus for an hour. When there is no company, I experiment walking with my headphones on. Here’s a list of the songs that buoy me up:

Mukkala mukkabula

Love me like you do


Dating – Boys

Bhagyadha Lakshmi Baramma

The Mentalist theme music

And then there are days when the goodness of the world around would seem more than enough to keep my feet moving. The swaying of branches and rustling of leaves, faint yet promising smell of blossoming flowers, fluttering butterflies and chirping birds (minus the droppings that plop on your head), the heavy tread of familiar shoes heard from a distance, Vishnu Sahasranamam from the house that sports star rangolis, night lights signing off at the break of dawn and comforting biblical verses at the back of sedans glittering in the beam of rising sunlight. There is almost nil chaos and considerably less clutter early in the morning which makes this natural background prominent and breathtaking.

How this habit has influenced my role as a mother:

• Walking gives me more stamina to take care of the kid round the clock.

• It drives away the lethargy that comes from keeping baby D indoors.

• I have become more resilient that ever before. This positively impacts the way I care for my kid.

• Since I wake up real early, it gives me ample time to leisurely cook breakfast and lunch long before baby D is up from bed. Hence, more quality time with the little one throughout the day.

Beginner’s tips when you go for a morning walk:

• Start and finish as early as possible.

• Avoid using the elevator if you can.

• Do not touch the handrails when you climb up or down the stairs.

• Avoid walking close to others.

• Stay hydrated.

• Choose a path that is familiar inorder to avoid any form of danger.

….last but not the least, STAY SAFE.

What are some of the interesting habits you’ve adopted inorder to survive the side effects of Corona outbreak? Let me know in the Comments section 🙂

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