The blogosphere knows me only as a Chai lover so far. What I didn’t tell you was how sometime back in the last decade, the year 2015 to be precise, my profound love for Coffee (or Kaapi, as we fondly call it) steadily turned into a habit and then an addiction. I remember gulping down a minimum of 5-6 cups of kaapi a day. My friends warned me to reduce the frequency or stick to healthy options like chamomile tea, green tea and similar trendy alternatives. But my heart and soul felt alive for just one beverage. Kaapi.

Then one fine day, I gave up drinking kaapi all of a sudden, therefore survived life by sneaking cups of tea then and there. No complaints, tea worked for me as much as kaapi did. However, I hate to admit, tea just isn’t coffee. It can never be. So in the long run, having tea became a coping mechanism rather than a mode of relaxation.

When I partially unbosomed my mania for coffee to this new friend of mine, her understanding yet cheeky grin promised no judgements but good company and she immediately brewed two davara cups of filter kaapi to sign up for a cafeversation. Should I even tell you what happened next? Further revelations about our parental experiences got shared, friendship thickened, fuss lessened. Again, do you know what the best part is? She gifted me a filter kaapi maker on my wedding day, completely unaware of the day’s significance in my life.

From then on, I have restarted the good habit of drinking filter kaapi, this time only once in the morning to experience the ripples of ecstasy throughout the day.

Not so proud to confess but my little hooman has also joined my coffee troop recently.

Don’t throw stones at me already. I never offered him coffee on demand. Not even once. Or perhaps, just once and that was a billion years ago. IT WAS JUST A SIP. Kid still remembers the taste (read: kick) and exclaims “Hmmm.. Coffee..” whenever he catches hold of me brewing it fresh in the kitchen. He doesn’t ask for a sip but simply enjoys the aroma and whispers, “Hmm.. yummy yummy coffee” with those puppy eyes widened to infinity. I hope this boundary stays decent until he is old enough to drink a cup of his own.

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