Monthly Favorites – January 2020

The second month of this year has begun already. ALREADY! January has certainly been an eventful month and I’d like to recapitulate its goodness in the most concise manner possible. Here we go.

Music – Maadu Meikum Kanne

I was never a huge fan of folk music until I heard this. It often takes a month or two for any unfamiliar song to get into my playlist. Maadu meikum kanne, to my surprise, outstripped the other favorites with ease. The unspoilt Tamil lyrics and its near-pristine vocal reincarnation is without a doubt, overwhelmingly impressive. Baby D loves watching the video version of this song and that’s why I have tagged it along for you (and your kids) to enjoy.



Okay. If you are going to watch any of these movies and in return thank me or even go a little overboard and send gifts as a token of love (planted that feeling in your head, didn’t I?), I admit I can’t take all the credit because Dr.H has recommended a big chunk of it. You are welcome, anyway 😉


After a number of failed attempts, we finally managed to take baby D to Bannerghatta National Park on a Sunday. Coincidentally, half of world’s population (along with their gas guzzling junkers) also decided to cram the zoo on the very same day. Dragging and carrying our 12 kg bundle of joy for over 5 km wasn’t much fun but seeing him in a state of euphoria, sure was.


I didn’t get opportunities to read books last year. To cope up for the intellectual loss incurred, I have decided not to wait for a chance but create one (two or many) in pursuit of my realistic reading goals.

Among all the four wonderful books (A Book Of Simple Living, Chicken Soup for the Romantic Soul, Revolution 2020, The Immortals of Meluha) I have read in January, the one that continues to remain in heart is Ruskin Bond’s A Book Of Simple Living. Bond’s books give me a strange sense of meeting my own unexhibited, eccentric self enjoying disciplined liberation. I cling on to Rusky’s work mainly for its simplicity and ease of interpretation. A Book Of Simple Living is a light-read that helps you forget the vicissitudes of life and draws you close to the breathtaking, divine paraphernalia of Nature, one page at a time.

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Toddler’s picks

TV show : Angry Birds

Rhymes : Wheels on the bus

Song : Aaradhike

Pet Peeves :  The word ‘No’

My Internet Inspiration


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