Snippet #44 An In-Between Tale

Shool..joyee joyeee!”, baby D exclaims in the loudest tone, as we enter the inner gate of his playschool. He is super excited to get back to school after a two week vacation. Even amidst a relatively large group of teachers and little kids, he could spot his own teacher from a certain distance. “Goo baagu, Deepu ma’am“, he wishes her with a twinkle in his eyes. Before I bend down to drop him, baby D unclenches his hold around my neck, glides down, runs towards the teacher and joins their small troop. I hand over his bag to one of the caretakers and return home.

I have solid, one hour of time left, after which my self-imposed housekeeping routine would begin.

Tucking the phone in the wooden drawer, I curl myself at the side of my cot.

“Watch the second half of Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them, will you?”, the TV remote prods.

All alone? I’m kinda overused to being bugged while sitting in front of the idiot box and I cannot do things otherwise. So, nay.

Get up, stretch out and sprawl those limbs anywhere you want. The space is all yours”, tempted the empty bed.

Alluring enough. But, the bundle of cuteness that cuddles me during bedtime, without him, all of this seems bleak, I’m unsure why.

“Forgot me again, didn’t you?”, sighed the cup of chai.

Idiot, rejuvenate and do what? Well, wait, Chai, it is. I cannot miss Chai.

I pour the cold tea down my throat with an unusual disinterest.

Looking around, I see the house remains shattered in silence.

I miss my kid. Oh yes, yesterday he was here enjoying his vacation, making a nuisance of himself, turning the house upside down and all I could think of at that time was to pack him back to school, as soon as the gates open. But today, three hours of his absence drain the hell out of me.

I’m insane.

“Or probably just naive to th vacation aftermath, silly”, Chai pampered me.

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