Preschool Digest

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Teacher: Dear Children, you may bring your mumma, papa, grandmas and grandpas to school for this year’s Christmas day celebration.

That preschooler: They are very busy. Can I bring my metro train instead?


Teacher: Fish lives in water.

That preschooler: NO. Fish lives in the fridge.


Teacher: Wow, your name is Raj. And my name is Raji.

That preschooler (who is a boy) stares at her in disbelief and screams,

“But I am NOT a girl!!”


That preschooler was eating a handful of sand.

Teacher: Why did you do that?

Him: Because I love sand poo.


That preschooler: Diapers are yucky.

Teacher: Really?

That preschooler: Yes, they pee in bed. They poop in school.


Teacher: Drink water.

That preschooler: NO. There is a crocodile inside my bottle.

Teacher: But I don’t see any.

That preschooler: The germs just chowed it down.


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