What Is It Like To Be A Mom?

…asked my sister A who is in her mid twenties. She is back home for Summer holidays. “Answer me, no??”, she nudged raising her voice.

“Ssh…!”, I drew my index finger across the lips asking her not to wake up the sleeping baby and pulled her towards the adjacent room. She watched me heave a sigh of relief when baby D finally curled himself aside for a catnap.

She understandingly apologized with her eyes and whispered, “Alright, tell me now. What’s it like to be a mom?”

None in the world has asked me such a question before. Almost everyone I meet end up inquiring about the kid’s age, developmental milestones, toys we own and the number of words he speaks. For these, I know the answers by heart. The sister, however grills me for something new, which involves digging myself deeper into explaining her the whole point of what I am right now, the things that run in my head, the way I am leaning in and the like.

This is what I said..

” Dear,

The moment you give birth to a child, your life becomes more meaningful.

At the same time, you become more vulnerable to your emotions and other’s opinions.

You begin to think more and fear more. Somewhere along the journey, you’ll learn to straighten things out anyway. You trust your children’s abilities and choose to invest all your dreams in them.

You have your parental insecurities constantly camouflaged with religious beliefs or similar supreme faith.

You dream, make plans for your family and even wish you could add more years to your life span just to watch your great grandchildren grow.

I don’t want to sugar-coat the fact that there will be times when being a mom seems like the hardest thing to do. Especially when you realize you have to look after your kids 24/7 and remain accountable for everything they do.

Most of the days the sun shines bright and you do the adulting stuff just right. But beware, there are also painful days that happen just to test your patience. You’ll either scream your lung out or embrace the mess with grace. All in all, you’ll learn to sail through the whole shebang anyway.

You’ll understand the meaning of unconditional love when you become a mother. You give too much to your kids and still choose not to verbalize anything about it. You become an epitome of sacrifice and the world celebrates you for it (in the name of Mother’s day, LoL).

But deep inside, you know, looking after your own child isn’t a sacrifice at all because you reap your rewards then and there. (Only) you know it. Everytime they master an art or become the person this world is proud of, you know it isn’t just their victory but yours.

Motherhood is a noble responsibility. When we, mothers are aware of the fact that every child is an opportunity to make this world a better place, how amazingly different the next generation would be, don’t you wonder?”




Image Courtesy: Unsplash.com




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16 thoughts on “What Is It Like To Be A Mom?

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  1. This is so beautiful Divya and so true. I always thank my kids for showing me how beautiful life really is through their eyes. I have enjoyed watching them grow up and all those wonderful things I saw differently once I had them. The moment they were born I remember thinking that my life is no longer mine, it belongs to them and I would do anything to protect those babies in order for them to live. That’s what happens the moment you become a mom.

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    1. Very well said. I couldn’t agree more to your words. It’s always nice to know the perspective of much experienced parents like you.
      I hope you are doing great. So good to see you back here.
      Much love,


  2. The only thing in my life I am afraid of failing at, is being a mother. It is so difficult- especially being a single mom to a child with ADHD and ASD- while having ADD and ASD myself. Yet, I remind myself, in the moments where he consistently shows how empathetic he is, how intelligent he is, and those moments he repeats wisdom far beyond his years back to me that I have planted in him (and does so in ways that prove he is completely mentally capable of grasping the concept), that I realize how great of a job I’m doing. Even when it doesn’t feel like it. It’s a flipping battle and a half, but it is rewarding.


  3. Thank you for this. Even though I can never be a mother, thank you for reminding what my mother been through during 9 months of me being in my her womb as a ‘parasite’ and how she took care during test of my life…..


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