Snippet #37 A Humble Comeback

It’s been a while, I know. Given a chance I’d silently cringe away from this ordeal of having to narrate the whole story of why I procrastinated writing all these days. But here I’m, all set to face my readers (though I’m not totally sure if you are still there) despite being obstructed by a massive writer’s block right here in between my tapping pollices.

It was exactly when I stopped penning down these snippets, some major life-altering changes took place in our household. And, that meant we had to face a number of transitions, most of them, however, were fortunately positive.

On the other hand, it remained a super-challenge to look after baby D during these circumstances. It isn’t unusual for toddlers to resist big changes, my little one too is not an exception. Once again, his sleep and meal routine got a little out of hand. Pff, the rest is history. Somehow we battled things right with certain coping mechanisms inculcated along the way. Two years of experience in parenting didn’t go waste after all.

Amidst all the supervising paraphernalia I lost track of this little but VERY important portion of time I normally reserve for reading and writing. Occasionally I tried squeezing them into my routine only to experience a heartbreaking backfire in the end. Weeks later, I got over the guilt of ignoring WordPress and convinced myself to forget blogging once and for all. Life was good until yesterday, when the archenemy WordPress pricked me with a notification stating my domain is due for renewal in a couple of days.

Now I’m worried. I always thought this domain is going to be mine forever and always. Can you imagine Merry Motherhood landing on the roof of someone else? Boy, can you imagine some (other) dross popping up when you search for this blog baby of mine? The mere thought strangles my senses to death.

I still have doubts whether I’ve done justice to this sacred space, to my readers and to the language. There is however one thing I’m so sure of – Merry Motherhood is an integral part of me. This blog of mine spoke up for me when I was too shy to face the world. I am not famous by my words and may never be but it’s only in this stage, I hosted my thoughts and had them validated by kind readers like you.

Should I ignore the what-ifs inside my head and continue renewing the domain? What if I fail to write regularly? What if I lose interest again? What if I feel left out in this world of words?

I’m leaving the last one for you to answer.

15 thoughts on “Snippet #37 A Humble Comeback

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  1. Not you. Not ever. You’ll never be left out. Folk like you complete this messed up world. And Moms in special, moms who have humility to boot…. oh they’re the best I’ll say! Looking forward to more.


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