Hola readers!! Allow me to introduce my favorite millennial mom blogger Ananta Goyal for today’s Star Rendezvous column. Being a fashion diva who is super-popular in Instagram for her candid lifestyle updates and genuine product reviews, Ananta also shares her pregnancy&parental cognizance in her blog – I find her IG stories warm and positive, she intelligently weaves the frames with personalized style coupled with immense elegance. Before proceeding, I’d like to heartily thank Ananta Goyal (@bumpandbabyy) for her efforts participating in this rendezvous despite her busy schedule.

Snippets from the Q&A session

1. Who/what inspired you to start this blog?

I started my blog when I was pregnant and had a baby in arms – hence the name “bump and babyy” came to mind. My blog started quite simply, without much but an ambition to share my learning and observation with fellow moms. It has now grown into something I cherish. I entered the events space hosting mommy and child pop ups and hope to reach out to more tier 2 Indian cities. Meanwhile my blog grows as I learn and grow with my kids.

2. What do you enjoy the most about being a mom of two boys?

The constant flow of energy and keeping up on my feet. There is never a dull moment but only loads of hugs.


3. How crucial do you think is the mother’s role in parenting?

As the primary caregiver – VERY. It goes without saying that motherhood has the most significant influence on human life.

4. Being a fashionista yourself, mention the fashion icon you adore the most in Instagram?


I enjoy Prerna Style File for the upmarket, modern and classic at the same time looks stylish.

5. How do you keep your kids non-fussy during travel?

Well, I give in. During trips they are welcome to food treats and we carry their activity books and things to keep them busy.

6. We have known you as a connoisseur of good food. Mention the Indian food blogs that keep you hooked often.

I love Deliciously Ella for the organic, honest and healthy recipes she posts.

7. The photos in your IG profile are so candid and creative. How do you create them to such perfection?

I try to keep motherhood simple and natural. The way I would be if you caught me off guard at home ๐Ÿ™‚

8. What is one mommy tip you have learnt along the way?

Every one has their tough days and it’s okay to make mistakes and lose your cool. Take it one day at a time when things seem difficult.

9. When nights are black and days are grey, how do you shoo the blues away?

I do take advantage of grandparents who stay close by. I like to step out with my husband for night out.

10. What is your favorite activity to do as a family?

We love to put on music and dance cause even my 2 year old can participate.

11. Clothing brands you swear by?

For home grown brands I love Coo Coo Kids , Milk Teeth, Love The World Today, Little Peoples Label and Baby Wagon .

12. What’s the biggest challenge you have faced in motherhood so far?

Being pregnant when I had to carry around my 18 month old.

13. If you had to make two wishes for your children’s future, what would they be?

That they grow up with love and compassion

14. A message to your Instagram followers.

Instagram shows you the pretty picture of life. It’s great to see and appreciate but do not compare or be influenced by it.

Thank you!

Follow Ananta’s website bumpandbabyy to know more about her.
Her InstaGram profile : @bumpandbabyy
Twitter profile : @bumpandbabyy








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