Weekly Favorites – 002

Vanakkam fellas. Sharing some of my favorites of this week before jetting off to a peaceful Saturday night.

Rhyme – One Two Three Four Five..

Image Courtesy: Youtube

…once I caught a fish alive. There it is! The last time I heard this rhyme in TV was a week ago in the Pediatrician’s waiting room. My mind is still too tuned to this classic rhyme I cannot skip it off my list even if I try. When I am not doing the hum, I hear Dr.H subconsciously taking over from where I paused. The result? Our little one now thinks the rhyme is part of his ever-increasing lullaby playlist. Right now this is the ONLY rhyme/song that the three of us have no problem listening to over and over again, which is why the rhyme tops the list of this week’s favorites.

Movie – Badhaai Ho


Dr.H and I had the time of our lives watching this sweet, funny movie yesterday. The story kick starts when Priyamvada discovers she is pregnant with her third child. This, however, isn’t just another accidental pregnancy tale you regularly hear from families around, because our beautiful Priyamvada is in her late 40’s whose younger son is pursuing the last years of his schooling while her almost 25 year old elder son is financially independent and capable enough to start a family on his own.

I am not sure how a situation like this would be handled in the Western countries. Allow me to assume this kinda baby revelation would definitely unfold feelings of dejection among the existing children of the family. But in India, the aftermath plays along, if not forever then definitely for a long time at least until the expectant parents publicly hang their heads in shame.

This movie showcases the convolution of Indian perception in a humorous yet realistic manner. The actors have played their roles beyond perfection, hardly leaving you a moment to find out the foibles, if any. The story has a limited scope yet promises to keep you hooked till the climax, thanks to its heartwarming emotional tapestry.

I recommend this movie for married couples – young and old alike.

My rating – ❤❤❤❤❤

Lifesaver – Luvlap 3 in 1 Convertible Baby High Chair

Image Courtesy: Amazon

I’m not a huge fan of Western style parenting. We, Indians are not used to the high-chair culture in the olden days. Our preferred method of feeding the baby is to set them free, walk or run behind, shoo the crows and feed the chicks, cajole or convince them with a moral story, simultaneously thrusting the well-rounded dal rice balls into the baby’s mouth without giving them the slightest hint. I still vote for our native method but my energy level doesn’t.

Having a super-active, adorably busy little person run around the house 24/7 is sure fun. Except when it’s meal time, then mobility is the last thing I ask for. This high chair has been my life saver ever since we started solids for baby D although I didn’t put it to full use back then.


In the beginning, I used it as a booster chair because baby D preferred it that way. Now we use it as a proper high-chair. Without a question, this is my lifesaver of the week because simply buckling him up on the chair solves 75% of mealtime issues. Plus, baby D seems to equally enjoy the adhesion. Involving a high-chair to the feeding routine helps me spend quality time with the kid. In fact, I realize this is perhaps the only time we enjoy each other’s company to the fullest.

This product is undoubtedly of good quality for its price. There is however a minor issue I am facing right now in terms of maintenance. The washable cushion is indeed a great option but there exists an inconvenience of sorts, when it comes to taking it off the chair. It’s just a snag, I’d say.

My rating for Luvlap 3 in 1 Convertible Baby High Chair – ❤❤❤❤

Toy – Maisto miniature cars


I was this close to documenting the life of baby D in order to prove the cliché “boys love cars and trucks” wrong when THIS happened – kid kept clinging on to one of his (dad’s) toy cars during the busiest hours of his schedule (9PM – 11PM, Grrrrr!). Considering baby D’s countable history of encounter(s) with his own car/truck toys, it took me quite sometime to pick my jaw off the floor in awe. Badhaai Ho, Maisto.. you win ❤❤❤❤❤!

I’d like to know your weekly favorites too. Share your list in the Comments section.

Happy Weekend y’all… 🙂



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  1. I loved Badhai Ho, too. Also saw an old old movie, Ek phool do mali. Surprisingly good.
    The high chair reminded me of the days we had searched for it. In vain. This was before Amazon!

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