STAR RENDEZVOUS With Navya Abraham

Hola, fellas. I am delighted to introduce the guest of today’s STAR RENDEZVOUS – Navya Abraham. She is an adorable mom blogger who shares her everyday experience with baby A in the form of snaps and stories in Instagram (@alitlebitofme). When she is not mommying around her little girl, you will find her organizing fairy-tale birthday parties for her customers in and around Bengaluru.


Navya adopts the concept of positive and fun parenting all the while striving to keep the lines of discipline intact. I enjoyed collaborating with Navya who, despite her unceasing personal and professional commitments managed to participate in this tête-à-tête just on time.

Sharing the interesting bits of our conversation with you all..

What is the meaning of your child’s name?

My lovely daughter’s name means “God answers prayers”. It perfectly fits our child because it kind of makes up a bit of Yohann (my husband’s name) and Navya (my name).


Do you remember how you felt when you saw your baby for the first time?

Of course, I do.


My heart skipped a beat when I held her for the first time. I always imagined how my little one would look like and at that time, I also secretly hoped my baby shouldn’t have my nose! LoL!! When baby A came out of the womb, I was all awestruck. It’s an incredibly overwhelming emotion I cannot put down in words. It’s kind of funny though, the first thing I consciously noticed was her nose which to my surprise (shock) exactly resembled mine. I was so disappointed and despite the exhilaration and fatigue caused by childbirth, I managed to tell my husband that we are in dire need to fix it surgically 😀 Not all first moments are magical, isn’t it! 😀

One of your daughter’s developmental milestones that surprised you the most?

Her talking !!! She said her first word ‘Mama‘ at 7 months. Around 14 months she started uttering a lot of single words. By 17 months she asked to wash her hands. “Wash hands“, she said – in words!! And now at almost 24 months when her dad calls her, she says, “Yes. I am here. Tell me what happened?” I find it SO unbelievable!!

What do you think is the most rewarding part of being a mom?

Most rewarding part would be the innocent love you get back not just at the end of the day but any time. The sweet “I love you, mama” snuggles and the innocent “Mama, are you happy with Anaiyah?” conversations are to die for. The effort this tiny human makes in order to keep me happy often makes me wonder if I’m really worth all the unfiltered love being showered upon me.

Now that you have a kid to look after, do you find yourself to be more or less productive around the house than before?

I think I am more productive now!! I have a cleaning schedule now. I also follow a well-researched meal plan and I have all the chunks of my time allotted for specific tasks. Figuratively, my time management skills have gone up so many notches, I should say.


Did you experience postpartum blues after childbirth? If yes, how well did you handle it?

Oh yes I did !! I’m not sure if it’s normal but I used to weep buckets for no definite reason. Back then, crying it out was more like my default mode of stress management. But my family backed me up like a pillar / rock, call it anything, throughout this phase. So I could sail through just fine. My husband dearest stood by me whenever I broke down. My sister made me watch funny stuff online. My brother cracked lame jokes to lighten me up. My dad took me out for relaxing walks. My mom cooked amazing food. My in-laws took care of baby A when she had sleep regressions. My family is always my panacea in beating the blues, the postpartum blues are obviously not an exception.


What is your favorite clothing store/app/brand that you visit/use?

Clothing huh?? My fashion sense isn’t really”trendy” per se. I shop at Westside stores a lot though.

Do you stick to a particular brand when you shop for baby care essentials? On what basis do you generally choose a baby product?

I do stick to brands. And I believe in experimenting new products as well. I am a sucker for chemical free, all-natural products. So I kinda alternate often. But inevitably I end up going back to my previous tried and tested ones.

If you could pass one of your best habits to your child, what would it be?

I have already passed one of mine to some extent, I should say. It is my habit to put things back to where it belongs. I found out it’s hard even for adults ! He he he. But baby A is getting better and better at it. Yay!!

Do you believe in early learning and its impact on kids?

Oh yes, I do believe in early learning. My little one is like an epitome of its impact. Rather than treating her like a naive baby, I interact with her as if she is an intellectual person completely capable of processing meaningful thoughts. I believe this is how little ones are supposed to be treated. Learning becomes a cakewalk if the bond with our kids gets properly established.

A message for your mom followers.

I have two messages in fact.

1.Don’t fall for comparisons. It’s the most common advice you’ll get because this happens more often than we think we do it.
2. Spare the rod, spoil the child. I do not insist you to take a stick and bang the child, but discipline needs to have a place at home. I believe, it is the responsibility of parents to prune their child’s behavior at the earliest stage possible. You shouldn’t aim to be only the best friend of your child. In parallel, you need to focus on the slighter harder rules of parenting as well.

I hope I inculcate the same message in my life as well !!

Have a great day, dear readers. Happy Parenting 🙂

6 thoughts on “STAR RENDEZVOUS With Navya Abraham

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  1. Awesome. I like the message in the end “ Don’t fall for comparisons”. This is very true. As a first time mom, you get to receive unsolicited advices on what to do and how things work but in reality…your baby is unique in his own way and if you are doing things differently, you’re not a bad mom.


  2. Navya… You really are a Star Mom!
    The aplomb & ease with which you have answered all the questions, is really very admirable. In addition, the methods employed by you in bringing up baby A, is worth emulating by ‘Moms to be’.
    May God Bless your family always.



  3. Navya… You really are a Star Mom!
    The aplomb & ease with which you have answered all the questions, is really very admirable. In addition, the methods employed by you in bringing up baby A, is worth emulating by ‘Moms to be’.
    May God Bless your family always.



  4. Navya! it was so wonderful to read. I seem to be close enough to your answers. Also, got to know new things. Enjoying every phase of motherhood. The one line that attracted me is to behave with the kids as intellectual people able to understand everything. I also do the same and it really helps in bonding.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. I’d like to let every new (and probably exhausted) mother that another great wonder may be in store for you in the future — being a grandmother and seeing yourself in yet another generation. Cheers, Muriel


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