Microblog Mondays – Monday? Yes, please.

This evening, while unpacking the grocery boxes, I heaved a sigh of relief and muttered, “Few more hours, thank God, the weekend is going to be so over!”. Dr.H understandingly nodded back. I guess after having spent nearly four hours fixing the sump he must be too tired to even grouse like I do. The conventional belief that weekdays are exhausting and weekends are vitalizing doesn’t really work for parents like us. To put it right, I hope the old me wouldn’t mind or hold wrath for the confession I am going to make but I LOVE MONDAYS!! I detest weekends to such an extent that Mondays seem like a savior to me. Nope, I am not drunk.

Here are some reasons why I mortify Sat-ugh-days and Shun-days:

Mandatory shopping:

Because if we don’t refill groceries and veggies, the kitchen jars would fart swear words for the rest of the week. There is no escape from the weekend shopping, you gotta dress nice, walk straight, behave well AND maintain the same even when your toddler kicks the $#!+ out of you in front of fifty other shoppers thronging the super market.

The hopes:

Down, down, you! The whole of you only call for nugatory efforts and a bucket full of disappointment. This weekend we had our hopes really flat and low, the plan was to watch a movie in Hotstar when the baby naps after lunch. A plan as simple as it sounds. Except it is not because the moment we sat in front of the idiot box after many many months, that was when a stranger rang the doorbell to ask if Dr.H knew who George Kutty, the previous tenant was. Why does this simple act of helping a stranger bother me? It wouldn’t have if he hadn’t rung our goddamn doorbell and woken up the baby who had dozed off only minutes before the stranger knocked down our home of hopes. I mean, what are the odds!

I also secretly hoped to write an article on Sunday. Well, I am writing one now and it’s Monday 12 oh! 5 AM already so, down down you, weekend!


Funny, I vote against indiscipline this time. I couldn’t help but wonder how every substance at home, even my hard-earned routine gets ruffled up on weekends. The 6 AM alarm snoozes on its own, the windows eat up the sunshine until the bladder signals a piddle, the baby skips his afternoon nap, husband suddenly finds the fish tank too empty or too dirty, courier guy calls by mistake, courier guy calls again by mistake, courier guy rings the doorbell by mistake, unexpected guests at unexpected hours and a literally back-fired brunch to soothe our tummies. Some of the inane chores like cleaning the blades of fans, dusting the outsides of kitchen appliances followed by scrutinizing the whites and non-whites of laundry remain unchecked in the planner when the weekend monster tempts me to “live it up” and let chores resolve the $#!+ on their own.

‘Nough of these.

Now let me tell you like why I adore weekdays, especially Mon-yays.

  • The entire day goes as per the plan except with minor hitches that are easily manageable thanks to the lessons learnt while surviving the ghastly weekends.
  • There are absolutely no hopes or extra commitments other than the ones that are preassigned for the day. No surprises, yay!
  • Baby D behaves as if he understands my most vivid, day-dreams of parenting. Oh my, should I insert red chilli and lemon emojis to ward off the evil eyes here? Kidding, y’all.
  • Time for some bitter truth. Waking up early to julienne the veggies seem like a daunting task at times, especially on a Monday morning. An ounce of gratitude helps me supersede the latter thought. I tell myself, “I am up this early for a beautiful reason. I have the time and ability to cook for the people I love. This is the best I can do for them today.”

When I am not in the mood for such dramatic openings, I pull the best out of my worst personality and battle against the chores. In the end, I do not feel so bad about hitting the kitchen on time. Let’s not talk about this weird $#!+ anyway.

I am past one helluva weekend. The jinx is gone. Repeat after me, the jinx is gone.



It’s time for intangible discipline to brim over the cup, feasible hopes and commitments to stick-along, strangers or shopping spree not to intrude my way, pff, this is all I am asking for, my dear Monday!





I wish you guys have a wonderful Monday too.






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