Weekly Favorites – 001

Hey fellas, here goes my list of favorites that made life easier and interesting this week.

Book – The Absorbent Mind by Maria Montessori

Oh, how I wish I had read this before I chopped off my ringlets out of parenting blues. Having been a half-cooked adult myself (until last month, let’s say), I now regard The Absorbent Mind as a panacea for most of my incorrect parenting strategies. I recommend this book for new parents who are raising their babies without much support from the elderly. No, this book doesn’t offer specific tips on handling your baby-oriented chores but give you a broader insight on how to raise an independent child until the age of six years.

Our work is not to teach, but to help the absorbent mind in its work of development. How marvelous it would be if by our help, if by an intelligent treatment of the child, if by understanding the needs of his physical life and by feeding his intellect, we could prolong the period of functioning of the absorbent mind.” ~ Dr.Maria Montessori

Song – Jillam jillala


This is the song our baby nephew danced for during his pre-school annual day function. The stage performance grabbed everyone’s attention including toddler audience like baby D who now replicates some of the dance moves with a tinge of uniqueness (I mean the butt shakes!!). So yes, this peppy song is my favorite too.

Baby Essential- Pampers Active Baby

A gentle transition from size L to XL happened this week. L is still the right fit for baby D’s shea buttered bum but (tongue twister totally unintended) his fleece and wet sheets kept coming back to the laundry bin every morning. So, we decided to buy the next size and HOLY SWEETS it worked wonders.

Appliance – Elgi Ultra Perfect+ 2-Litre Wet Grinder

Too late to eschew store-bought idli batter from our lives but better late than never. When I looked up for recommendation, almost everyone suggested this brand with a slight variation in capacity. The positive reviews in Amazon also favored a go.

This beauty is a savior, I should say. The elegance and sleek features are pleasant add-ons for its perfection in terms of functionality. The idli batter I made last Sunday lasted until this morning with no compromise in quality or taste. What more could I ask for??!

Planner – Lifekrafts Magnetic Planner Sheet

The answer to my last question is this! Yup, a planner was all I needed to prune my routine so as not to miss out on the highest priorities. I am not best friends with mental planning and stuff like that. Ironically I am so good at going through a list and striking things out, it is the latter that prompted me to opt for this cute planner.

For over five months, I kept eyeing this product with hesitation since it seemed to be slightly on the pricier side for a single satiny sheet and three pens. Plus, many online reviewers compained about one of the pens not functioning properly.

However, after seeing the review in Aarthi’s vlogs, I confidently ordered one for myself online. I’m head over heels in love with this planner. My obsession for checking items is finally addressed right. Along with the to-do list I also write a heartwarming quote every morning and draw doodles around it to make the planner look even cuter. Out of all three pens received along with the product, one isn’t working properly from day 1. Yes, this drawback exists but the planner is absolutely perfect otherwise.

On blogging

Saved the best for last. My passion for writing has finally paid me off. Literally. Ever since I monetized Merry Motherhood, thanks to the growing stats, few bucks kept adding up all these months but only into a virtual account. This week, much to my surprise, I got paid for real.

To all my readers who are waiting for some sunshine, here’s a message to cherish for a lifetime. Perseverance pays, especially at the times we least expect it. Never give up.

I’d like to know how the week turned out for you. Do you have a list of weekly favorites? Let me know in the Comments section.



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  1. Thanks for giving us this motivation. And yes, perseverance is the key! Reading your posts makes me want to follow your footsteps including the Amazon affiliate program as I don’t have any idea at all..Lol I can’t wait to grow in this blogging world.

    Liked by 1 person

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