Snippet #33 Just Toddler Things

Visuals courtesy: Giphy, Unsplash
I wake up on time, sometimes even before the alarm goes off, just to ensure I’m beside mommy.
She is fast asleep. Why bother her? May be I should rip this diaper off myself.
Upon mommy’s cherubic face falls the loaded diaper worth a kilogram, leaving a wet stain as it slides down with a soft plop. Oopsie!!

In the middle of lunch preparation, a series of clatter and clang comes from the kitchen.
Time to help mommy. But how? Perhaps this piece of Lego should assist me. Oh, some of these keys too.
I run to the kitchen to rescue mommy.

Onions. Garlic. Yay! So much to peel. Why peel when I can actually munch these beforehand!!!


Wait, I am not done yet. Why am I lugged to the living room? No!! Mommy? Mommy!!!

Mommy returns to the kitchen, awkwardly trips over the keys, luckily escapes a sprain, only to land her so-fortunate foot on the piece of Lego lying around. Dang.


Mommy offers a plate full of scrambled egg.
Noooo. But how do I say No? Let’s try the electrified kitty pose until mommy unlocks the cold clasps of my high-chair.

Oh wait. Did she say eggie? I love eggie. Gimme. Gimme my eggie. Let me squish some until it becomes messy messy toddlerly. And spread a patch on the floor. Boy, did I just waste my eggie? No, it’s still there under my toes. Knees down. Yum yum.


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