Snippet #32 Back With A Rant

  • I’m tired. Exhaustion isn’t new to me. This, however, seems like a whole new phase with more intimidating hurdles to overcome. Even the mere thought of housekeeping drains all the zing out of me.
  • Wish I could take atleast an hour break from my gruelling routine and resume blogging in full swing. Ever since I gave up on my “one blog per day” motto, I haven’t been feeling good about myself at all. This space is my sanctum, my mind will brook no deliberate procrastination hereafter with respect to penning down the thoughts that bubble up from within. Perhaps, I need to plan the day even better (although I am SO done already) or stay awake after the baby sleeps, in order to work on my self-laid deadlines. Yawn!
  • As always, there is a lot of interesting incidents going on at home. You know, the regular toddler stuff – experiments with lock & keys, finding multiple ways to skip meals, playing with the non-toy toys like switches, fridge door, landline phone, carton boxes, this isn’t it, even idli gundas do not escape his notice.
  • As much as I try encouraging the kid to explore this materialistic world on his own, I only end up saying No, atleast zillion times a day.
  • It took me nearly 1.5 hours to rock baby D to sleep tonight. This is a scary sign. Are we failing the routine already?
  • Re-read the first point, send in your unused joules of energy along with a cuppa to restore balance in my UniverZzzzzzzzzz…zzzzz.

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  1. Dear sister, you appear to be have a bout of post partum syndrome. Lack of energy, frustrated with yourself, feeling you are failing…

    Don’t worry, it is normal to sometime feel a little overwhelmed and tired.

    It is important to have a good balanced diet at this time especially, your body is changing to accommodate your new physical reality.

    As for the baby, energy on then off without warning keeps you on full alert, so it seems, 24/7…EXHAUSTING.

    A little trick to help calm little ones, especially when they are angry, Orange oil on a piece of leather or absorbent material so they can enjoy smelling it…this will calm them down very quickly, and helps relax them.

    Works on mommy and dad too. 😉

    The biggest hurtle will be establishing a predicable waking and resting pattern, for both you and baby. Having your circadian cycles synchronized will give you better rest.

    Being a Mom is the most long term demanding work on earth, but you are not alone. You will train baby, or baby will train you. It’s entirely your choice, but training baby will give them a better life, and mom will not have to work as hard once baby starts learning the ropes.


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