Needless to say again, yet, I AM HOME! The two-month long sojourn at my mom’s place turned out better than I expected. Thanks to my mom, Baby D and I have FINALLY figured out a great routine that is convenient enough to fit in all indispensable activities without having to compromise the sleep time I once desperately craved for.

During the vacation, we also happened to meet and mingle with a LOT of kids belonging to more or less our little one’s age group who have effortlessly brought in noteworthy positive changes in baby D’s social behaviour.

It was only a couple of days ago, I fell homesick and pestered the Dr.H with impromptu poems of melancholy on topics like home, loneliness, fear, bleh bleh etc. Not sure if it’s my voice or the poems that sounded unbearable but, without seeking further explanation, he did exactly what I hoped for – took us back home the very evening. Boy, this is the story of how I safely landed back in my comfort zone on the second week of new year.

Honestly, this place is no fun either. The laundry, sink, toddler tantrums, arguments, what not, they all still exist. However, this is my home and my mess , which makes it all worthwhile to take charge of the household with a heart full of joy and immense gratitude.

Happy New Year, everybody.

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  1. Dear Sister:
    I am happy for you. Being home is always a comfort.
    You have the makings of a Heaven on earth, as Mothers set the spirit in a home.
    You have more power to effect change on you family than you realize.
    As a Mother, you have the ear of God regarding your home and family.
    You also have the benefit of good support people in the women folk of you families and friends.
    Peace be with You Sister.

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    1. Namaste! Thank you so much for dropping by my blog.
      I’m starting the day with this inspiring message of yours. As a homemaker, I do not often realise the inherent power of my role until someone (like you) validates it. Words like these not only motivate me to thrive as a responsible mother but also believe in the benevolence and goodness of fellow human beings who help each other grow and flourish together in this beautiful world. Peace✌

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