Queen Of Answers (1)

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1. What is your favorite number?

I have an involuntary likeness for the number 4 since childhood. Honestly, I see some sort of unexplainable beauty in all the even numbers. They always have a sense of balance, carrying no reminders or decimal quotients to threaten a layman’s mathgasm.

Our very first landline number registered in the mid 90’s ends with triple fours. Two decades down, we still own the same phone and the same number, which could be the reason why four invokes a feeling of permanence in me. The digit also reminds me of my mom, who is the fourth child to her parents.

My parents, however, exerted in my mind their contrary obsession for odd numbers (We, Indians believe in numerology and adopt several pointless idiocies at the expense of common sense and cash. I’ll make a separate post on this later) which kindled my love for number 3. Morever, it is also Dr.H’s birthdate which is yet another reason to deliberately choose 3 as my equally favorite number.

2. Standing at a buffet with an empty plate and bowl, what do you fill it with?

It totally depends on the place I go and people I’m accompanied with. If it’s a vegetarian buffet in a top-notch hotel, I’d choose mushrooms and broccoli. If it’s a non-vegetarian buffet, I’d opt for fish.

Sob, I suddenly miss hanging out with friends.

3. What smell do you associate with December?

Smell that comes from freshly baked rum cakes, packed plum cakes, holiday greeting cards and aroma of the Oh-so-grand feast hosted by our silver-haired neighbor on last year’s Christmas eve.

4. What literary character would be your significant other?

John Watson

5. What book are you looking forward to reading next year?

Ooh! Chill down, people. What is with all the “next year” fuss? Is it just me who hasn’t planned for the new year yet? Just wondering.

6. Which Star Trek character are you?

Spock🖖, because Sheldon is fond of him. *Wink*

7. What is your favorite cracker?

I’m not a fan of crackers or biscuits, even cakes. My tastebuds are slightly parochial when it comes to choosing my snacks. I don’t drool over baked items, instead pork out on indigenous delicacies like adhirasam, laddu, elayappam, unniyappam, kinnathappam, banana chips, murukku and the like.

8. Would you rather:
1. Eat raw fish or raw beef?

I’d rather pick rocks, fall in love with friction, grow the flames and barbecue the raw fish until it gets cooked to a specific consistency.

Not that I love beef less, but that I love fish more.

2. Paint a picture or take a picture?

Paint a picture, if someone is there at home to look after the kid.

3. Read a book or watch a movie?

Read the book. I suck at watching movies. Even the good ones rarely keep me hooked to the couch for two full hours. Dr.H hates me for this.

4. Go to bed early or get up early?

I do not know what it is like to hit the bed early. I have never been to bed before 10 pm in life so can’t really talk about it.

I’m a night-owl mombie painstakingly transformed into an early-riser mommy. Waking up with the sun does come with an endless list of benefits. If you are looking for some motivation to get up early, I’m sure these quotes will cheer you up.

5. Visit Newyork City or visit Las Vegas?


Have a great day, you guys.

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  1. While I have no favourite numbers, my wife feels that 3 is lucky for her! And your mention of rum, plum cakes and laddus and other South Indian delicacies watered my mouth!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hello, Divya! Answering just One q. ( That’s how lazy I am! ‘q’ is sufficient! )

    Which Cookie? I like Nutrichoice, but would rather have BIKANERI SEV!


    Love and Blessings, my Dear.


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