Digital Detoxification

Baby D has been under the weather for the past three days. I am not sure if I’d feel lighter if I dredge up the experience here. What if it further succumbs me to despair? I’m going to skip the talk and wait for him to recover in a couple of days. My mom often says the biggest challenge of early motherhood is to safeguard the baby from running a fever or cough, the second biggest one being the ability to embrace and heal them with patience in case they fall sick despite our preventive measures. I cannot agree more with her words.

Our quotidian routine is also compromised, I am going easy on baby D, staying awake whenever he needs me and hitting the bed only when he takes a siesta. Last night, baby D finally dozed off on time. I usually deep dive into WordPress the moment he sleeps. However, much to my dismay, I didn’t feel like bespangling sentences on my phone screen that had been burning my fingertip after every minute of usage. The mere thought of composing a post triggered an ache in my head. That little voice that hushes all nonsense to the brain, for once sounded sensible and insisted me to just. throw. the. damn. phone. away. and. sleep. When have we ever been attracted to good advice anyway? I decided to take a shufti through the pictures that are piled up in my Gallery. When WordPress leaves me in the lurch, this is where I wag my tail and go.

My eyes wandered aimlessly at the pictures while my thumb sincerely swept them out of sight, one at a time. Holy cow! There were more than 3500 images to descry, I could already hear my phalanges pleading for mercy. Perhaps, this overused space must be the reason my phone becomes a flamethrower every time I type.

Surprisingly, the space mugger wasn’t just my camera folder but all other apps that let useless images immigrate to my suffocating phone. I remember disabling the auto-download option twenty million years ago when we bought this mobile phone, yet there remained an amassment of pixelated hogwash, inessential enough to make even baby Jesus cry. I decided to fix the issue.

Twenty minutes of tapping and scrolling led to absolutely nothing. However hard I tried, I couldn’t smart-sort the desiderata from the whole mess. Suddenly, the mess itself seemed important to me. The plethora of selfies could have been the sitting duck if they had no impression of baby D in them. Each image gabbed a story I didn’t want to forget with time, even the bloopers.

There were candid pics/videos of my nephews, niece and friends’ kids sent by my family/friends on various occasions. I’m sentimental about their existence therefore scrolled further and reached a point when I realized I had some serious trouble in decluttering data from my phone. After expunging the obvious dross like memes, outdated invitations and photos-of-photos, a considerable amount of memory was freed. The rest that held my heart and histories, I simply transferred them to my unused laptop. Prawblum saalved!

No matter how great or worthy it seems, sometimes it is necessary to let go of the bygone times to make more space for the present moment to fill in. The rule applies (especially) to gadgets as well. I now have no past to cling on to when I open the gallery. It’s not just that, the phone feels unbelievably cooler (literally, I mean), which is a welcoming trait for phone-dependent bloggers like me. Does the digital detoxification signal a positive impact in my writing? I’m leaving it for you to answer.

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