Snippet #31 Perspective

The sun peeps out yet again in life, melting down the merciless cerebral frostbite that’s been restricting my thought process for the past few weeks. Today’s evening walk under the mellow sun awakened the zen master in me. For more than an hour, I remained in a state of mindfulness letting every moment sculpt my very purpose of existence.

I usually take baby D out for a walk along the narrow lanes of our street every evening. The path we take is littered with leaves of old trees, not in an aesthetic way. We walk past saree-clad women burning a heap of household mess in front of their gates, men zooming past in their bikes and talcum-smelling children sincerely glued to their mobile phones. Our destination is my grandma’s house. We go there, engage in a small talk and return before dusk.

This evening, I took baby D to our terrace for a change. Honestly, I did that to see if he remembers the usual after-tea walks we used to go on at our own home. I opened the grill door and let go of him to explore the open space on his own. He enjoys open spaces just like every child does. So, there we were, almost sandwiched between shoddy structures of concrete and immensely indefinite skies, our feet still clutched onto gods of gravity. Even before the blue shades began to grow orange, my mind entered a state of undisturbed tranquility.

Few birds flew close to the trees foraging food while most of them flocked together in an altitude that made it impossible for me to guess their intents. Our street looked neat and spectacular. People seemed like a grain of sand, their innate characteristics hardly made a difference. From where I stood, I could not notice either the half-burnt heap or the despotic webs that tactfully hooked kids to the phones but only wonder how limpid my shallow mind would become if I let it flit even higher.

The more I lost myself into a shimmering state of consciousness, the greater joy I discovered.

No wonder why they say heaven is up above the world. Parables exist for a reason, don’t they? As long as the definition of “up” remains uncanny, it is easy to reach this state of Sublime Beatitudo by simply clinging on to the bigger picture of life.

How often do you stay mindful? Share your experience in the Comments section.

4 thoughts on “Snippet #31 Perspective

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    1. Thank you Sebby 🙂
      As long as you invest your time in something (anything) that you love, it’s okay even if you aren’t so mindful throughout.
      These days I focus more on deep breathing techniques and mindfulness because of the inescapable stress factors I have been fighting with for the past few weeks.

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