Daily Three…

From here.

Name Three

Cold things?

Snow, popsicles, tap water during winter.

Hot things?

Chai, coffee, sambhar.

Boy’s names beginning with Z?

Zaheer, Zach, Zelotes.

I had to browse for the third name and this is what I learnt – Zelotes means green, new, fresh, innocent.

Hello, I’m Zelotes.

What are you? A green-pea sprout?

Countries beginning with the letter G?

Germany, Georgia, Greece.

Animal species that begin with the letter P?

Panther, Piggy, Poodles.

Things that are square?

Old-fashioned windows, chess board, Spongebob (almost, yeah?)

Holidays you have been on?

After marriage, I have been to Varkala, Valparai and Wayanad.

Words that rhyme with pink?

Blink, stink, wink.

Urban legends?

It’s hard to stick to just three. Well, Success stories of politicians, manipulative plugola that endorses beauty products, reality shows.

Things that are pink?

Bubblegum, Barbie and I don’t know, Barbie’s accessories?

Things to do with baseball?

Switch teams every time the defending team gets three players of the batting team out.

Catch a batted ball in the air, tag outs, force outs and strike outs.

Hit a grand slam.

Look mom, I can speak baseball too.

Marvel heroes?

Thor, Iron man, Spider man (We Miss You, Stan Lee)

Ice cream flavors?

Chocolate, Vanilla, Pista.

Things that come from the ocean beginning with the letter ‘O’?

Oysters, Octopus, Ocyurus (Google, the Savior)

Have a great day ahead, you guys!

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    1. Hi KJ, I just finished mopping the floor. Baby D is about to wake up in few minutes, the cradle is wiggling already.
      Thank you for the word pat! As always, it urges me to write more.
      Well well, I am a woman of interesting parentage. My father is a pukka Tamilian. The whereabouts of my maternal parentage and possibly their ancestral gene codes give my friends (including you) an impression that I am a mallu. 🙂 I can read and understand the language well but cannot converse properly.
      Being hybrid is a boon, it helps me gain more and more friends in life.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thank you Divya. In fact my wife is from a pukka mallu family but she was born and brought up in Chennai.
        So we have also a somewhat similar combination.
        The important thing is that we are good blog friends which I find to be a very good friend’s group with mostly positives. I am very happy talking to my friends here and especially with some like you.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Good to know, KJ.
        I mean the entire response. It’s not just fun but intriguing to find similarities in our lives which only makes our friendship even stronger. Convey my regards to your better half. Is she a blogger too? If so, please share the link.
        You are an epitome of optimism in this blogosphere, boosting up the confidence of beginners like me with charm and grace. God bless.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. I am on cloud nine reading your wonderful response. Now i will do everything to keep up the trust and friendship shown there. Here’s the committed friend and follower.
        Sunu, my wife is not blogging.

        Liked by 1 person

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