Sharing My World

1. A class you wish you would have taken?

Gardening class. I am a disaster when it comes to growing plants at home. Right now we have only an untamed rose plant and few aloe vera babies in front of our portico. I am curious to learn and master the art of gardening before the kid begins to question my ignorance.

2. Are you scared of heights?

Nope. Altitude excites me. It is so much fun to fly (or climb or dream) high and gaze at the same old world in an unbelievably different perspective.

3. Are you a good cook? If so, do you consider yourself a chef?

Considering the flaws I have made whilst preparing copious assortment of viands for our guests, it is safe to say I’m not a good cook yet. But I’m a work-in-progress, learning lessons from every mistake I commit, which means, you are sure to taste a better version of all the aviyal, poriyal I make, on your subsequent visits to our house.

A couple of months ago, I prepared crab masala (image given below) which turned out so well. Dr.H who is a connoisseur of good food genuinely* appreciated me. That was the first time he said “Nallaarku!” after every bite of his meal, which *ahem ahem* is a wondrous rarity.

*You know it’s genuine when men say wow without us having to ask for it.

I’m getting better with mutton gravy as well.

4. What did you appreciate or what made you smile this past week?

Time to count the blessings.

  • My mom is at home.
  • My cousin is also here for semester holidays.
  • I have stopped putting the kid on diapers during daytime.
  • Watched a heartwarming short film that made me cry.
  • Received a lengthy mail.
  • Had my morning tea prepared by someone else.
  • Hand-washed the baby’s clothes.
  • 100 more readers have followed the blog since last week(Yay!!)





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  1. This really makes me want masala, but I already prepped dinner tonight. Tomorrow!! I love reading blogs. It just is neat from your home to mine, without even really knowing it, you have influenced a decision. Thanks! I love reading your posts!

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