Snippet #27 A Late Evening Realisation

My confused mind settles on its own as I walk around the backyard of our house. The sun is on the verge of setting down, its golden orange rays glistening the widespread skies. The gusting breeze of dusk carries along with it a faint yet captivating aroma of fresh coffee. Before I could drool over an imaginary cup of steaming hot kaapi, my mom already thrusts one in hand and leaves the place.

I slug down the potion in a second and continue loitering near the trees. Their leaves are still soaked in the leftovers of afternoon downpour, the vibrant yellow flowers totally shrunk to a cylindrical curl. Even after being striped of its usual glory, the flowers continue to radiate good vibes.

Ding. Dong. Ding. The church bells break my reverie. The sound in turn drives me down the memory lane reminding of pending homework, early morning tuition classes and the energising bus trip to school.

At the same time, cloudy balls of smoke emanate from the wooden bars of our pooja room sending in divine fragrance of incense sticks all around. It brings along a completely different set of bygone moments associated with flames of fire, breathtaking jasmine flowers, vibhuti, kumkum and the mantras recited in our temple that pleasantly reverberate in the entire street.

Not sure if it’s the essence of worshipping hour or the glory of salving nature or both, my heart brims over with a sense of paradisiacal transcendence that immediately heals every perturbed nerve to perfection.

I relate divinity to the art of belief and possibilities to the power of hopes.

Every time reality breaks me down, faith lifts me up. If there is one thing I know right about life, it is the power of holding on to hopes and dreams.

“Hopes have a mysterious power to uplift souls that unapologetically fight to behold the reality of their dreams.”

Do you agree?

What do you think is the positive force that drives you on a daily basis – Prayer? Self-motivation? Meditation? Or anything else I am unaware of? Tea, perhaps?

9 thoughts on “Snippet #27 A Late Evening Realisation

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  1. Enjoyed reading your post Divya. Quite a few positive forces propel me back with renewed vigor. It could be music, faith, prayers, a talk or just crying it out at times depending on the situation. Then I am ready to take on the day with a smile πŸ™‚

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  2. The occasional moment of solitude- in lieu of meditation – and little expressions of love. A slightly longer hug from my husband. A beam from my eldest. A food-infested hug from my toddler.
    Thanks for the post – you write beautifully!

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