Snippet #26 Breaking The Ice

To all those (erm.. I hope there’s atleast one) who wonder what’s wrong with me this week pertaining to blog updates, well, here’s the answer.

Life is good. God bless. Despite the hourglass liberally shedding down sands of time, it is a wee bit challenging to entertain my toddling child and simultaneously look after the kitchen chores, laundry, mopping, sun-drying or to put it straight, the entirety of household where all demands rise and strangle my neck at the same time. Every time my efficiency wears off, I tell myself how fortunate it is to just be with the loved ones, all the while inching towards an inescapable end which I believe has to be constantly remembered to understand the worth of every second of time that, oh my God, is fleeting faster than I wish it should.

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Baby D and I have made a few lifestyle changes that I’m hoping to take along for atleast six months from now. But it’s only been a week which is all too soon to declare if things are working out well although 11 PM-6 AM sleep cycle is already making me feel physically and mentally better. Blogging has taken a back seat for now not due to my amazing routine (ahem ahem), let’s blame my verbal inadequacy for the mess, alright.


Not sure if it’s worth bragging but the lexical display your mind voice is momentarily reading right now happens to be my 100th post. For some reasons I’m unsure of, the world takes 100 on a serious note so let’s honor it a bit as well. Yay! Oh, how I wish I could throw in some extravagant words to tell you how excited scoring the aforementioned centum makes me feel…!!!!! While all my personal assistant (who is none but the punctured cursor) could offer right now is to blink out or at the maximum fart unnecessary punctuation marks, the kind you see in prepubescent textual conversations!!!!!!


There are nearly twenty stagnant drafts that are impatiently awaiting to see the light of your eyes. Once they bypass the structural validations, I’ll set them free. My plan for the upcoming week is to throng the blog again with rants, giggles, snippets and what not. Merry Motherhood will bounce back to its usual frequency soon, I can vouch for it. Until then, kindly accept me as I am, along with the monthly Writer’s block I suffer from…! Will you??

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