STAR RENDEZVOUS With Mrs. Sharmilee Prakash

I’m super excited to have Mrs.Sharmilee Prakash as the guest of today’s Star Rendezvous. Her blog needs no introduction. From nostalgic namma oor local cuisines to instantly inviting international delicacies, she has listed in her site a wide range of mouth-watering recipes with step by step instructions to prepare them.

Having regarded as one of the most loved food bloggers of India, her social media profile boasts of over 60K followers from all over the world. When I approached Mrs.Sharmi for the rendezvous, she gladly agreed to participate, despite her jam-packed schedule. It’s such a honor to interact with successful moms like her through the world of blogging and I can’t wait to share the Q&A with you all.

What’s your favorite activity to do with the kids?

I enjoy interacting with my kids. It is undoubtedly the favorite part of my daily routine. When the kids are back from school, we spend some quality time together playing with each other. Mittu loves sketching and coloring so we do that a lot as well.

Share some of the best moments of motherhood experienced so far.

Motherhood as a whole is infact a wonderful experience. As a parent, there are so many moments I truly cherish to heart.

What is the hardest thing about being a mum?

Personally, I find it so hard to say No and offer an explanation every time my kids attempt to do something disconcerting. Especially with Mittu who is at a phase of childhood where she constantly questions back the parental rules and settles down only if a satisfactory explanation is offered. Children of this generation are naturally inclined with reasoning which is definitely good in the long run, but yes, as a parent, the struggle to equip ourselves with creative, logical and twisting answers round the clock is real.

The biggest challenge however, is when the two kids are simultaneously in a state of frenzy. I manage to pull myself together somehow when there is such a chaos and tackle it with the instincts and intelligence motherhood has bestowed upon me.

Please share some of the tried and tested ways to deal with children who are fussy eaters.

Based on the experience with my kids, my realization is there are two primary factors that are to be considered while serving a meal to your child.

1. The looks: Your kid may be a fussy eater because they do not like the way the food is presented to them. Next time you offer them food, try exhibiting your creativity in it. When the little one finds their food/snack visually appealing, there’s a high chance that they’ll want to taste it as well.

2. Taste: Get to know the taste preference of your kid and work on the recipe accordingly. If they are reluctant to eat healthy ingredients like vegetables or sprouts, I recommend you to try concealing or stuffing them in the base (eg., rotis) they ask for. This makes them enjoy their food while at the same time have the nutrients they need for growth and development.

What do you want your kids to become when they grow up?

I’ll leave it to their choice. It is every individual’s right to pursue what they want in life, career is obviously not an exception. I’m very particular about this.

Even if it’s an extra-curricular activity, before enrolling, I always make sure my little ones are interested to learn it. Passion-driven learning is, what I believe, stands against the test of time. As a parent, I’ll definitely do my best to support their career choices but the decision on choosing the stream has to be theirs.

Who/what inspired you to start the blog?

When I was seven months pregnant with my first child Mittu, my blogging journey kickstarted. Yes, it’s my daughter who inspired me to start my blog. I am an avid photographer, it is my interest in clicking pics that further ignited the culinary interest in me.

As a first time mom, my entire focus was on giving the best food for my baby. I researched the options, experimented the dishes on my own and documented my methods with pictorial representation. It is only after becoming a mom myself, health turned into my first priority. Hence food blogging became my passion. When I quit my job to focus on being a full time blogger, my family backed me up with their moral support. This was how sharmispassions was born.

How has blogging changed you as a person?

Life as a blogger has made me feel more responsible about the content I put on the Internet. I feel happy for my work being acknowledged by people from various parts of the world and I take their positive feedback to heart.

Many a time, I have received feedback from young women and newly weds thanking me for guiding them with step by step instructions in cooking like their moms would do. End of the day, when I realise my work has made someone’s day better, I get a feeling that I am doing it right.

An advice for someone who is about to have their first child.

Please breastfeed your baby exclusively for the first six months. It is crucial for their physical and cognitive development. The immunity will also be strengthened. Most moms (who are grandmas of this generation) entertain giving supplements to the infant because they believe it is vital for baby’s existence. Remember, it was during their early years of motherhood, the baby food manufacturers were flourishing in the Indian market. The knowledge and experience of the new age grandmas can be misleading if they are against the breastfeeding ritual. Please do not give up breast feeding due to minor issues or challenges.

Again, the first six months of your life as a new mom will be a bit challenging and exhausting. Your life changes altogether, your priority becomes the baby and just the baby alone. Even if you are supported and loved enough, the new phase will be intense and emotionally challenging. Be prepared for it.

A message for your followers.

Be happy!

As simple as it sounds, I insist you to focus on your own peace, health, happiness. Enjoy the little things that make you happy. It’s only when you are joyful inside out, you can focus on the world around.

Spend time with your children. It’s the best and most expensive gift you can offer them as a parent. Everything else can wait, for having a family is a blessing and may it be your first priority. Now and always.

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  1. Thanks for the interview Divya….. Sharmispassion is the first cooking blog I started learning and experimenting with. I am writing this thank you even before reading the interview so you can tell how much I adore her recipes.

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