5 Life Lessons To Learn From Babies

“Babies are like little suns that,

In a magical way, bring warmth,

Happiness and light into our lives.”


A baby, apart from being a cuddly bundle of joy teaches us some of life’s crucial lessons that we otherwise grope for inside the cranky, yellow pages of self-help books or their contemporary Kindle versions.

Photo courtesy: Unsplash.com

5. Perseverance

This is one the most notable traits in babies. It is only by persistence and fixity of purpose, they achieve every milestone in the early life.

From rolling over to toddling, the list of mandatory to-do’s in the baby’s chart is nothing less than the challenges faced by an adult. Unlike most of us who lose half of the energy in just over-thinking the next step, babies work on what they really can at the moment and focus on a single goal with 100% attention. Another interesting fact is they do not question their capabilities. At all.

Have you ever observed a baby trying to sit on their own for the first time? They swirl like an animated ball, make exemplary body movements and literally work their rear (usage of even a mild expletive like the alternate ‘rear word’ is banned because my preteen baby nephews are reading the blawwwwg!) off as if their whole point in life is to sit on their bottoms.

4. Letting go

As much as babies’ brains exhibit an unwavering commitment to get what they want, their little hearts are metaphorically so big that they can forgo the disappointments easily.

If their favorite monkey rattle is siezed by their toddler sibling, babies generally do not make a fuss, rather would find something else to play with. The cognition of a baby is amazingly designed to cling on to goodness and disregard the blues.

To realise the simple yet complicated art of letting go, one need not climb the peaks or seek support from Monks. Observe the tiniest member at your home and that’s all it takes to pull yourselves together.

3. Trust

The concept of trust is an intriguing topic of discussion that attracts a wide range of opinions depending on the age. Experience, to be precise. While the younger ones at the house trust the strangers fairly soon, we, the adults usually cannot acknowledge the good nature of a person by a single encounter.

Babies, albeit being the newest guests on earth never hesitate to trust the fellow earthlings the moment they land on their lap. Or their shoulders. Given their inability to look after themselves independently, these midgets are the ones who, I assume, are supposed to refrain from mingling with humans who are exponentially bigger than them. And what do they do when you cuddle them? Giggle their hearts out.

Trust is crucial in every relationship. And it doesn’t necessarily have to be based on keeping in touch via calls or spending life together. Trust is much more than that. The divinity of this world is nearly forgotten, which is the sole reason why adults like us prefer not to rely on someone new, even if they try to do a good deed.

When we make it a point not to deceive the hearts that count on us, the path to establish trust is already laid. With trust, even mountains can be effortlessly moved. Believing in the power of belief is probably the only way to restore faith in humanity.

2. Being busy

Babies are always busy. God only knows what they are up to. To my knowledge, they aim for the fan as much as school kids aim for the moon. Jokes apart. No matter how wee and dependent these babies are, they are known not to waste time doing nothing.

From exploring their limbs to secretly chewing the fabric juice off momma’s sleeves, the munchkins are often engrossed in an activity to gain a better insight of the world around.

Laziness is an antiquated vocable in an infant’s dictionary. I’m not sure of the phase but somewhere amidst the stringent man-made routines and the subtle concept of growing up, the L word stealthily creeps into the index of our lives.

1. Transparency

For every demand, a baby has specific non-verbal cues to help us understand their needs.

Multifarious dialects with brain-burning grammar to supervise the logics yet we are still lagging far behind the babies when it comes to disclosing what we really want.

Most of the time, we conceal our needs and wants for the fear of being judged or ridiculed. There’s a saying in my native language, whose English version is,

“Only a crying child gets the milk. “

Remember, we are surrounded by people who are way normal just like you and I, with no powers of clairvoyance to read between the lines of your mind. Even a baby knows it so well. Only when you let the world know what’s in your mind, a reaction happens. This opinion sounds plain in words but half of the familial issues sprout up because of this seemingly simple but often neglected truth.

What are the other positive characteristics you observed from the smallest member of your family? Let me know. I’m all ears! ๐Ÿ™‚

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