Snippet #23 Baby Steps

Baby D has finally learnt to fight gravity so well. The stumbling phase has ended, he now stabilizes his body for few seconds to a whole minute and takes atleast five steps ahead without a break.

It is such a scene to see the baby walk like a bear, secretly calculating the probability of reaching safe to their intended destination, which in baby D’s case is the space between my arms. I display an overwhelming facial expression a typical Indian parent would otherwise reserve for their child’s outstanding performance in JEEs.

I outgrew my teen years watching a Johnson’s baby ad where a mom gets pleasantly startled to see her child exploring the world on its own feet. It seemed dramatic back then. Now that my own flesh and blood is doing the toddle, I realise what a mom’s fuss is all about.

While some of the parental insecurities continue to scald my insides like a meat on heat, there is always a mellow side to it that perfectly balances the inescapable pain of being an adult.

Have a great weekend folks!

14 thoughts on “Snippet #23 Baby Steps

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  1. It is a beautiful feeling when a baby starts to walk. Mother’s ecstacy is so natural. Baby does not no his standing on his feet will bring problems like study, JEE at the back of mother’s mind and many other things.

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  2. I’m thrilled to hear about your little guy taking his steps πŸ™‚ I’ll never forget what it was like seeing my son taking his baby steps for the first time. It’s moment to cherish. And I can still remember when he sat up for the first time too. I was in the bedroom with him and he was on the bed. His Dad was in the living-room. I remember running out and calling him to see our little guy sitting up by himself.

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