8 Proven Ways To Manage Anxiety And Mood Swings

Before I jump into details, let me tell you this. All the eight practical tips I have mentioned below are tried and tested in my own life.

I’m wired in a complex manner that keeps me in an adrenalin rush for most part of the day. Palpitation is my middle name and Stress – I figuratively sleep on it.

This trouble only doubled when I got pregnant with baby D. However, with ample support from friends, family and Dr.Google, I defended the phase so well that I won’t really mind a bit if you openly appreciate me for the same 😉

Here’s a summary of what I did to overcome anxiety and manage mood swings.

Practice Deep Breathing Exercises

This is an easy peasy lemon squeezy trick to bring your teeter-totter mind under control. Once the mind is mastered, everything else will fall in place. I’m not a Yoga person and it’s only because of YouTube I gathered more ideas on deep breathing techniques.

Whenever my heart thuds harder than usual, I wait for it to settle on its own. If that doesn’t work, I sit down on the floor cross-legged and breathe deeply. Although the intensity of this procedure is immeasurable, the optimal one comes with an oceanic resonance. The longer I held my breath inside, the merrier I felt.

Go for a Walk

Evening walk is my all-time favorite activity to rejuvenate the body and mind. Fresh air, dancing trees, fragrant flowers from the neighbor’s garden, temple music coupled with the chirping of birds are so welcoming that I often comprehend the outside world as a dainty poem and walk into it as an insignificant exclamation to mark my existence.

Sleep like a log

This is the universal therapy recommended for minds that need a repair. I initially had a little trouble doing this. Anxiety makes me more sleep-deprived. To tackle the same, I declutter my mind, let go of every insecurity that ruins the present moment and dive into the details of life’s pleasant memories. And in no time, I’ll witness myself floating into the slumberland.

Here’s a tip if you are going to try this method. While exercising your mind to recall the happy events, filter the ones where you play the predominant role. I personally prefer reminiscing the moments that are not related to people, because humans are bound to change often (which is normal, repeat with me), therefore chances are that the support system inside your head may become more vulnerable to damages if your happiness heavily relies on someone else. Try recapitulating randomly assorted thoughts which can also help in falling asleep quickly.

An undisturbed sleep can do wonders to your bad moods. Most of the problems solve on their own in between the period of sleep and waking up. Next time when you are stuck with misery, just sleep on it.

Heal the soul with music

Music, that’s what I mean precisely. Neither the classic melody songs nor the devotionals, it’s the undiluted, transcendental plain music that works best in curbing my anxiety. If I narrow down my choices, flute music will top the list. The same, I recommend to you too.

Though every instrument has a unique and divine supremacy on its own, flute always stands a step ahead of everything else. For it delivers the music in exchange of one’s breath that comes from the deepest innards, where I believe, the vital spark of life resides.

Flute music reminds me of blessed beginnings, sun-kissed village scenes, plump cows, tales of Balram and Sri Krishna, pain and pleasure of love, all of these provoke nothing but mystical peace from within. Do give this a try, when hormones thwart your stability. Tranquility guaranteed.

Talk to your loved ones

Most of us fall prey to mood swings when familial circumstances are set against our expectations. It is normal. The easiest way to cope up with this situation is to vent out to a reliable person (preferably a close friend) and disown the negativity that bothers your mind. Make sure you choose a listener who doesn’t find pleasure out of your pain. Read the last line repeatedly until their face comes to your mind. There you go.

When you are anxious, speaking up to someone can be initially intimidating. Once you get a hang of it, overcoming anxiety induced panic attacks would be nothing short of what you call, a real cakewalk.

Scrub and Massage

This is otherwise known as Lazy Man’s Yoga. If you are like me, all grown up but still ignorant about intense meditation, my first recommendation for you is to learn proper Abhyanga and reap the benefits. Plan B is to continue clinging on to laziness and just opt for a quick scrub followed by a lame massage. Good news – this works well too!

Being a frugal mom, I insist you not to invest a huge sum on exotic essential oils or seek professional support for this. Unless you are desperately in need of their services, plain virgin coconut oil and oat scrub should suffice.

Indulge in a hobby

Most of the time, it’s the stagnant energy along with an under-utilized intellect that causes people to compromise their sanity at some point. When you focus the virulence into something good, say, a hobby that boggles your mind, congrats, your history of mood fluctuations is SO over.

Here’s a honest confession. All of these lifehacks worked without a single flaw for more than two decades in my life until baby D turned one. These days, he is innovating atleast a zillion ways every hour to break the records of all my colossal zen discoveries made so far. With this toddler who turns the household upside down every 30 seconds, should Shirshasana be the elixir I am supposed to be looking for?

12 thoughts on “8 Proven Ways To Manage Anxiety And Mood Swings

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  1. Thanks for the tips on how to turn off my brain in order to sleep. That slight adjustment to remove real people just may work. Last night I awoke too early and had trouble going back to sleep. I started thinking about a really great story I’m reading (pleasant and I’m loving) and the next thing I know three hours had elapsed. I didn’t understand why that worked.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I didn’t actually get up and read, just thought about the story and that was enough for me to go back to sleep. I tried it again last night, this time actively avoiding thinking about real people! It worked! Got two more hours of sleep.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Taking a walk- Art-and reading does it for me. Oh..and there’s nothing like a great new pair of shoes;) Thanks for this post!


  3. Thank you for writing this blog post. It is very hard to deal with stress and mood swings. So it’s always nice to see advice like this. I am glad that these tips worked for you and I hope you have a good day!

    Liked by 1 person

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