Two Things That I Truly Cherish

My driving lessons have come to an end. Which means, no more Blobby tales in our blog hereafter. I returned home a bit earlier than usual because of the sun. Everyone else loved today’s yellow mellow pleasant weather. Everyone, except me. The beautiful puddles along the road sides are all gone, leaves have stopped dripping the dews and the clouds have become insanely bright. Sob!

But as I walked back home, I decided to embrace the sunny side of nature (pun intended) and work on the smirched mud patches outside my door that needed heavy mopping.

I am not a big fan of mopping sessions. In fact I anticipate mopping Mondays with great apprehension. With a toddler whose only job for the day is to crawl around the house discovering or making friends with bugs and beetles that drop by the tree-facing corners of the hallway, my responsibility as a mother is getting tougher day by day.

Until last month, I have been using the traditional mop stick that has white, intertwined fibre layers in the end.

It was a huge pain in the arse because no matter how new and expensive the stick was, two things never failed to happen.

1. The plastic case that connects the stick and the fibre breaks into two (or sometimes more) pieces.

2. The cloth fibre detangles itself and falls here and there, contributing to more mess and stress at the household.

We have resorted to the flat-base type (similar to the wipes used to clean hotel tables, but larger than that) now which is more convenient and spine-friendly than the other.


They say,

“Love people and not things,

Use things and not people.”

While cleaning, I wondered how a thing whose existence literally make one’s life easier can be just used and not loved. I don’t just love it. I cherish it. If you are planning to buy a mop stick, go for this one.

Like most of the materialistic things I own, this has a downside too. Even after a thorough wipe, I sometimes find thin vertical water patches on the floor which takes a couple of minutes to few hours to vamoosh on its own. Since it is dangerous to leave the marble floor wet, I hoover the house as soon as the mopping is over.

We own a Kärcher WD1 vacuum cleaner at home which is the equally treasured better half of my mop stick. Kärcher is a great brand and makes the best hoovers at an affordable price. Dr.H confidently ordered this online in Amazon after being assured of its quality by one of his friends. And we don’t regret our decision till date.

Although I like its cartoonish color over everything else, the uncompromising features and functionalities deserve a better brag. It is light-weight and doesn’t occupy much space at home. The model we own is a wet and dry vacuum cleaner whose suction power is good enough for regular use at home. It comes with a foam filter for wet vacuuming, textile and paper filter bag for dry vacuuming. The blower is also reasonably good. We use this once or twice a week to clean the corners and insides of our living room couch, sweep the floor before mopping, wipe the window panes and hoover the insides of our car. If you are planning to buy a versatile vacuum cleaner for your house or car, this product will suffice both.



Updated on March 2019: An even better version is Kärcher WD 3 which comes with a cartridge filter promising more durability and ease.B002A027A4.07._V273920400_.jpg


What are the two things that made your life easier today? Comment below 🙂

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