STAR RENDEZVOUS With Anjana Rangan

The celebrity guest of today’s Star Rendezvous is Sun music fame Anjana Rangan. She is one of the most popular anchors in the Tamil television industry and has hosted a wide variety of TV shows, Award events and various Industry relation programmes. She debuted her career with Sun Music where she hosted various programmes like Paatu dot com, Paatu pudhusu, Konjam uppu konjam kaaram, Box office, Neengalum naangalum etc. It’s during this time she gained a huge fan base for her simplicity, uniqueness, elegance and ability to deliver the speech with inventive verbal humor.

I personally enjoyed interviewing her for so many reasons. She is full of positive vibes and speaks with bubbling energy which is infectious enough to make anyone feel instantly revitalised during the conversation. Her inherently expressive and courteous nature made it easy for me to connect well to her ideas and opinions during the rendezvous.

Anjana has shared her joys of being a new mother, the responsibilities and experiences of motherhood in the Q&A session below.

1.What is the meaning of your son’s name?

My son’s name is Rudraksh, which means fierce-eyed or the eyes of Lord Shiva. My husband is a Shiva devotee and wanted to name our baby with a name that’s related to a characteristic of Lord Shiva. The name is meaningfully modern and unique, with strong religious roots, so we thought, “Well, why not Rudraksh?”

2. Three words to describe your role as a mother.

The role of a mom cannot be described in three words. It is a lot more than that. Motherhood comes with a lot of commitment and responsibilities. You have to be a giver and care for the little one who depends entirely on you for their everything. A mom is entitled to not just take care of the baby but pamper and love them endlessly to make them feel special. There is nothing so greater than motherhood, I’d say.

3. How important is breastfeeding, according to you?

Breastfeeding is very important. As a new mom, I had plenty of doubts related to breastfeeding so I connected to other moms in my family and friends circle and sought help on the same. I support breastfeeding and am trying my best to create an awareness on its inevitable role in promoting better health for the mother and the child. It is the easiest and perhaps the most natural way to nurture your baby. Apart from increasing the immunity, breastfeeding also helps in strengthening the bond between the mother and the baby. It is so special that you cannot afford to miss it. Unless there are health issues that refrain you from breastfeeding your little one, please go ahead and breastfeed the baby for atleast six months exclusively.

4. Share three lifehacks to handle postpartum depression.

  1. Positive attitude – People kept talking about postpartum depression the moment I became pregnant. I, on the other hand, constantly wondered how a beautiful baby that comes to this world for the first time would make anyone feel depressed! One cannot deny the fact that postpartum depression is a medical condition that affects most of the new moms. But I believe, with a positive attitude, one can escape experiencing such a phase after childbirth. In my case, I decided to reorder my priorities the moment I realized I was going to become a mom. My focus on work and weight took a back seat. Taking care of my precious baby has become my topmost priority for now.
  2. Accepting the physical changes – Most moms lose their self-confidence after giving birth to a baby. Little do they realize that they are going to bounce back to their old shapes and fit into their old outfits as their babies grow up. Though the transition period is different for everyone, just accepting the physical changes of one’s own body will definitely make things better. Changes are for good and no matter what, are unavoidable in everyone’s life. A new mom has to gracefully accept the changes to enjoy her motherhood. The journey may be tiresome but we are doing it for the little soul who is part of our flesh and blood, after all.
  3. Seek support – After delivering the baby, a woman undergoes a myriad of emotional and physical changes within her. The newborn is completely dependent on the mom for everything – to be fed every two hours, to be cleaned, cuddled and pampered. A mom can give an undivided attention to her child only when she is cared and supported by her partner and every other family member at home. Transparent communication with your partner always plays a crucial role. Talk to them and explain your needs and wants just in case you feel neglected or over-burdened in the process of parenting.

5. Aching back, sleepless nights and mood swings. Did they take a toll on you?

Every mom in the world is destined to undergo excruciating pain while delivering the baby. And yes, the initial days of motherhood makes one feel exhausted all the time. I never complain about it because I know that it’s part of my journey as a mother. Just because I learnt, understood and anticipated the baby’s dependency in advance, physical and mental enervation didn’t affect me to a huge extent. The fact is so simple and practical. Once you decide to become a parent, instead of brooding over the lifestyle changes that are going to happen, learn how to be better as a parent and embrace the days with happiness. Being a mother is the most beautiful phase a woman can go through. To be frank, it is only after becoming a mother, I am consciously taking care of my health which makes me feel happy and proud of this transformation.

I battled the issues of postpartum bravely. But when I was pregnant, I frequently fell victim to mood swings. To balance and manage myself during such emotional unrest, I choose to sleep. Sleep is the best therapy for a chaotic mind! Since I live in a joint family, it was much easier to tackle such issues during pregnancy.

6. What is your biggest concern as a new mom?

I am so much concerned about all the negativity that floods in the social media. There really are wonderful and positive people in the Internet whose words and comments are meant to make everyone’s day better. But there are a LOT of people in the other edge who love and live to bring disgrace to the social networking sites by spreading negativity against others. They try to let us down for absolutely no reasons. As a media person, I have personally experienced such bitterness a lot. But I always ignored it so easily. Now that I have become a mom, it is frustrating to envisage bringing my son up in such a confused environment where people exist to simply waste time in ruining the peace and growth of others. If I could change one thing about social media, it would be about completely curtailing the liberty of making obscene and disrespectful comments on others. The world needs more positive people. I believe that if people remain optimistic and treat each other with respect, every issue that persists in the social media will vanish in no time.

7. Share some of your sweetest experiences with baby Rudy.

This incident happened yesterday. As I have already mentioned, we live in a joint family and have my brother-in-law’s kids (Rishi and Riya) at home. Since they are of almost the same age, Riya fights with Rishi often but together they love and adore baby Rudy the most.

So, yesterday during one of those usual scuffles among the siblings, Riya ran closer to where Rudy was, and began to jump in her own frisky fashion. I sort of blarneyed her to be careful and insisted to play at a distance but she didn’t listen. Slightly infuriated, I raised my voice to make my point heard. But then it occurred to me that she, being a child herself, might feel hurt. So, to make it even, I faked an anger tone and bawled at baby Rudy.

Much to my surprise (shock, to be precise), Rudy let out a loud cry in response to my rage (fake rage, of course). Once I resumed my calm posture and tone, he also recouped himself immediately. It seems so magical how a merely three month old baby can vividly respond to his mother’s emotional expressions. I felt proud and pleasantly surprised at the same time.

8. Did you go on a babymoon when you were pregnant?

When we confirmed our pregnancy, the first thing I told my husband was to plan for a babymoon anytime before the arrival of the baby. He wasn’t much into it for he had a conviction that the whole concept of babymooning was invented by the holiday planners as the laziest way to fill their coffers. However, after much insistence from my end, he took me out to a five star hotel inside the city circle and we spent a whole day chilling out there. If that counts as babymoon, yes, we did go on a babymoon 🙂 I have to confess that, with the baby bump and hormonal fluctuations, travelling to even the nearby hotel turned out to be a big deal for me. I am glad my husband was so thoughtful to fix such a safe, easily accessible and comfortable sojourn for us.

9. Who is/are your rolemodel(s) in parenting?

My mom and my MIL. Although their parenting style is entirely different from each other. My mom is the kind of woman who maintains a perfect balance in parenting. I grew up with full freedom to do whatever I wanted in life, but that often came with a set of rules I should never say no to. The balance – somehow she formulated it so right; my MIL, on the other hand, extremely pampers her kids and loves them so much that there was no question of being strict with them and that worked well too. Her children always made the right decisions in life so as not to misuse the freedom they were entrusted with or hurt their parents.

10. Do you have parenting apps installed in your phone?

No, I do not have any parenting apps in my phone. My husband and I do not believe in seeking assistance from such apps to take care of the baby. I do google for answers when I get a doubt , but most of the time, I stick to the suggestions given by the elders of my family. No app can replace the wise opinions of the blood-bonded, silver-haired generation at home 🙂

11. What’s baby Rudy’s favorite lullaby?

I am a horrible singer. I do not sing for Rudy (atleast not yet). Most of the times, it is my MIL who puts baby Rudy to sleep. She sings two lullabies Malarndhum malaraadha.. and Athai madi methaiyadi.. (Tamil classic songs) to him. Before the second lullaby ends, our bundle of joy would fall asleep. When the baby is cranky, my husband chants OM to calm him down. This always works for Rudy. I’m not sure if it’s his daddy’s warmth or the power of the chant or both, my son will be instantly pacified. When MIL is not around, my FIL sings to my son. His signature song (or line) is Aaraaro..aaraariro… He doesn’t add more lyrics to it but simply repeats the words to his own tune, which still counts as a beautiful lullaby to his dearest grandson who smiles and curls to sleep.

12. Which diaper brand do you use for your munchkin?

My favorite diaper brand is Pampers. I have not used anything else for the baby yet. It has never let me down till date. A relative of mine recently gifted Rudy a really huge pack of Huggies which I am planning to unpack soon.

13. What is your guilty pleasure when you take a break from work and life?

My guilty pleasure is to go on a long drive with my husband and enjoy good food. It makes me feel so relaxed. Our favorite destination is Moonrakers.

14. Two tips for postpartum weight loss.

1. Breastfeed the baby as long as you can. It is the most natural way to keep your body fit and healthy. You may check out my latest Instragram videos for support on breastfeeding.

2. After six weeks, new moms can go on a daily walk or do mild pelvic exercises. Do consult your doctor and seek approval before beginning this routine.

15. A message for your fans.

I don’t know when I will be back to work. And I do not know whether I will be back to work. I am just taking my time off work because my full concentration is on baby Rudy right now and I am very happy about it. I have always gone with the flow in life so far and I will continue doing it. Yes, I am in fact hosting few events right now. But as a full time anchor in a channel or something like that, I am not sure when that will happen. I value my fans and I am glad that they have still not forgotten me. It feels so great to feel loved and supported by them and it means a lot to me and baby Rudy too. I am blessed indeed.

To all the new moms who are reading this, let me tell you, you are all beautiful. Just being a mom itself makes you flawlessly beautiful. You don’t have to necessarily work out or focus on your looks to appear beautiful. You already wear a glorious crown and look amazing in your role as a mom and that’s all what matters the most. Of course, to build your self-confidence, I insist you to focus on improving your looks. But there is no rush. When your little one grows up, you’ll gradually fall back in your old shape. Please give breastfeeding a high priority. Celebrate Motherhood!

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