5 Simple Tips To Become A Better Homemaker

The most unceremoniously underrated position in the world is the role of a housewife. The chores we undertake are plainly boring, monotonous and never-ending, therefore our lives are deemed mundane (sometimes by others, most often by ourselves) which only intensifies our phlegmatic attitude on the tasks to be taken charge of.

Yes, I cannot deny the truth that women like us may never contribute to the family coffers until we land on a real job that pays in exchange of every deed we do. However this shouldn’t make one develop a hatred for being at home to look after the family. With quite a lot of trial and error methods, I ducked out of the pool of abject distress, simply by developing a positive attitude towards being a stay-at-home mother.

I have stopped fretting about the fear of future. Now the mind is tuned to just dwell only where it’s supposed to. This simple twist in thought process has helped me let go of every negativity I was once clinging onto and see the same old world with new eyes. Given below are the five tried and tested tips to enjoy your role as a homemaker.

Be mindful

You don’t have to brook being a housewife. The popular housekeeping stigma of having to do the same tasks of dicing, cooking, laundry and mopping round the clock for a lifetime is, if you ask me, an overdramatisation. Having a routine in life is, in real, a blessing. Of course, it isn’t easy always, but it isn’t too boring as people project it to be.

The key is to be mindful of your actions and live it out beautifully. While doing the dishes, solve it batch by batch – the huge, oil-stained, heavily burnt vessels first, the soiled plates next, those lovely little cups and spoons deserve only a delayed attention. Scrub the dishes so consciously until the oily stains depart with a glee. Feel victorious when the mount of dishes begin to reduce to a couple of spoons. Slowly, slowly, very slowly, wash ’em right and stack ’em all to the racks. All done 🙂

Ignore the distractions

This is a tad bit challenging but totally possible and comes handy with practice. Most of the time, we lose interest in our lives because we think someone else’s is better than ours. Else, we try to revisit our pampered childhood and long for the princess lifestyle forever, indirectly ill-treating real life as an infernal nuisance.

Housekeeping, like every other job, requires commitment, responsibility and focus. You need to narrow down your thoughts to the reality you are dealing with and work on the same. This is possible only when you fall in love with your chores. Give it a try, you won’t regret, I assure you.

Set expectations

Not on others, but to yourself. It is good to experiment with the challenges you face in housekeeping and discover new methodologies for the old-fashioned household chores.

If you hate cooking, try your hand at baking. Moping isn’t fun enough for you? Hoover the house instead. Chopping the veggies sound boring? Impersonify them and replay the game. Fun guaranteed.

Find opportunities to grow as a better homemaker and never hesitate to seek support from other women in your family. Explore every possibility to enjoy the work you do at home.

Bribe yourself

I repeat. Bribe yourself. It is absolutely okay and at times a necessity to reward yourself with lame luxuries after finishing up a sweat-worthy task at home. For example, if you look after your kid all alone for the whole day, make the most out of their naptime by doing something that you truly enjoy. Shake your hips or have a loooooong shower or sleep like a log. Do whatever that makes you happy and feel refreshed for the rest of the day.

Don’t hestitate to brag!

Not to everyone, but to your close circle of friends who would not judge you for being narcissistic but feel happy to see you getting better in life. Being acknowledged and appreciated for little things in life will push you to do greater ones in future.

One should be courteous enough to actively listen to and support every other homemaker you know. It’s only with immense moral support, one can be confident and sane enough to remain optimistic throughout their life.

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