Snippet #17 Baby D’s Day Out

The man of the house is committed to a full day camp at his hospital today. Since no one else is here at home to look after baby D, I decided to take a break from today’s 5km Blobby ride and stay indoors for the sake of my tiny tot. But Dr.H had other plans. He insisted to take the kid along and attend the session. Sounded great to me, I’ll tell you why.

Being accompanied by just one and a half androgen-infused human(s) throughout the day is sometimes boring. It is only when I go out for my driving class, I get to meet women of more or less my age who simply blether to each other and enliven my world without their knowledge. Despite the claustrophobia triggered by our crowded Blobby , this estrogenic chatter feels more like a therapy to my constantly unattended listening skills.

I rarely contribute to their conversations as their stories sound funnier and interesting than every topic that pops up in my head at that time. For example, S shares everyday gossips about her Amway-crazy neighbor and tells how she has to smartly weave tales daily to escape from the lady’s buy-Amway-this, buy-Amway-that nuisance. The crowd ripples back and forth in laughter instantly. Thank God I never exchanged the story of how I cleaned the dishes perfectly the other day. I have completely lost my ability to yackety-yak in public nowadays.

So today, baby D escorted me to the class. I wore him a full-length dungarees to safeguard his skin from being exposed to sweat stains of his co-passengers. That’s the most I could do. But, thanks to yesterday’s red alert on weather, most of my fellow trainees ditched today’s session, leaving Blobby more baby-friendly than I anticipated with my luck factor.

There were only three trainees (including me) in the car therefore baby D had breathable space to make all the fuss and fun he usually does at home. The other trainees (I assume they are unmarried) looked so toddler-deprived that they coddled and cosseted our little brat until he hiccuped his giggles. The car windows of front seat were kept open letting in a little bit of drizzling weather to constantly pillage our pleasure, just for fun.

Baby D with his short, stiff hair preserved under the hooded overalls looked like a pocket-size ninja masked under the toddler looks. It was so much fun to watch him play with his stranger friends who seemed to equally enjoy having him around. Blobby did move slow, but time whooshed by like a silent breeze putting the tons of fun to an inessential end.

Baby D and I got out of Blobby and ambled back home in silence, carrying within, two hearts full of ecstasy and contagious good vibes.

Sharing a handful of happiness, peace and positive vibes to you too!!

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