CCV? No, Thank you.

When the Universe around continues to fall head over heels in love with Manirathnam’s Chekka Chivantha Vaanam (CCV), here I’m, superficially glued to my bundle of joy and his toys. All is well, Touchwood! The only downside is, I get a feeling that I have been relentlessly momzoned.


I was a stalwart moviebuff before baby D entered into my life. It is true that motherhood is special and deserves paramount importance in a woman’s life. But here’s the hidden fact:

Once a mother, always a mother.

Being a mother changes your life forever.

The excitement of my new role as a mom and the commitments that came with it took a toll on the routine I had been following back then. The routine that primarily comprised of watching soap operas and movies. Once I became pregnant, I willingly gave this habit up and switched over to better things.

This evening when Dr.H left home to watch CCV with his friends, the word of the day ‘Momzoned‘ kept creeping up on my head from time to time. As usual, I decided to make the most out of it. After putting baby D to sleep, I switched on the telly and let my eyes loiter over the channels and videos in YouTube.

Super simple songs – Uff! Take a break and go away. Atleast until baby D is back.

Ondraga entertainment – I love you and I’ll get back to you.

Madan Gowri – Only during dinner.

Aquarium Co-op – With all the attention you’re getting in this household, I won’t be surprised if Dr.H anthropomorphises you to accompany him in the movie theater. Why are you here? Pweez get outta my sight.!!

In another minute, I chanced upon an itsy-bitsy portion of heaven-on-screen which is so good even the floating aliens above Atlanta would swoop down and knock my door, with popcorn in their disproportionate hands.

Roja! Like most of the 90’s kids, I grew up listening to this movie’s songs and the music is perfervidly interlaced with the strings of my heart.

Songs aside. The movie? I was exactly as young as baby D when it was screened in theaters, therefore, except for the nature-dominated visuals that come along with the songs, the memory of enjoying the movie as a whole still remains transparently blunt in brain.

Today as I binge watched the scenes of Roja, it dawned to me how one’s mind could rejoice, rejuvenate and most importantly evolve with Mani Sir’s films. The same movie which inherently stole my little heart with its mellifluous songs during childhood is still so surprisingly electrifying. This time it’s not just the songs but the whole movie which kept me hooked to the screen.

There’s a saying,

Cheese, wine and friends must be old

To be good.

I wish they could include films too, just to honor worthy ones like Roja (and every other masterpieces of Manirathnam).

The ever-serene streets of Sundarapandiyapuram, saree-clad graceful women, sarcastic yet innocent octogenarians, the then (and now) heartthrob Aravind Swamy with his peaches and cream complexion, calm and composed Madhubala who occasionally exhibits her innnn-oh-sense/ignorance (only Roja fans can understand what I mean), baby Sujitha who accompanies Rosaa like a beautiful bud, the carefully weaved dialogues and of course, the soul-stimulating BGM (a small part of which later became one of the songs in the movie Indian). The story goes straight to the heart and is intense enough to make one feel good even after almost 26 years of its inception. For those who have not heard of this film before, trust me, there’s so much more to discover (the second half, I choose to remain silent about it) if you experiment the film yourself.

I gotta go, but not before summarizing with my two cents on CCV. My take on this is so far so simple.

I have plans to watch CCV if mom comes home this weekend. Until then I’ll shamelessly call it sour grapes, continue binge-watching the classics in Netflix or YouTube and say “No, thank you!” to my CCV obsessed friends who are dying to dump their movie review into me.

6 thoughts on “CCV? No, Thank you.

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  1. pudhu vellai mazhai song from roja, one of our favorite song. My hubby used to play this song mostly on rainy or snowy evening while riding a car. what a moment and relaxing our soul. Voice by sujatha and unni menon, chanceless. Im started to here “pudhu vellai mazhai” song with a cup of tea. what a evening. soul soothing. Thank u divya

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  2. Yes, Roja was the first movie I enjoyed watching frame by frame, still fresh in my mind. I was a huge fan of Maniratnam till Alai Payuthae, now I would like to watch CCV (mainly because of Jo’s appearance) after reading the reviews. 🙂

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