Snippet #15 Train Of Thoughts

Mom’s Quarterly holidays are over and she’s back to work. The hall, rooms and kitchen are showcasing an excruciating silence. It’s been few hours since mom left and baby D is still crawling to the kitchen every now and then to see if his grandma is there to play Olicho Olicho?? (Peek-a-boo) from behind the doors.


Dinner is ready (Blimey!), No pee or poo to clean, house is organized to a museum-like perfection (thanks mom!), the seasonal fever has subsided, fridge is full. There is nothing more I could ask for right now, yet I’m experiencing palpitations as if an unattended deadline is haunting me from within.


I’m in need of tea. I’ve the time, energy and ingredients to make one. But the ulcer pain that’s is persisting for the fourth day is growling at me not to ruin my own health. Atleast until the pain subsides. Buttermilk to the rescue. Tea, I love you, Tea, I hate you!


The car, the diaper-dependent baby and the daily ride inside Blobby is adding on to the guilt of not going green yet. It’s raining outside. Atleast I should plant a sapling tomorrow, before an apartment sprouts up in this land.


Judge all you want, the plan to do Yoga every morning is postponed until rebirth. It is just not my cup of tea. Tea! Sigh!!

train of thoughts

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