The Big Birthday!!!!!

Hello friends, I was caught up in organizing baby D’s first birthday party the whole week, therefore I couldn’t spare even a minute to take a look on what’s going on here in my blogosphere. Now I am back and I can’t wait to share baby D’s birthday recap with you.

By God’s grace, the party was a hit and we spent a great time together with our close friends and family members whom I can’t thank enough in words for their timely presence and priceless blessings.

It took us a whole night to decide on the list of invitees, lunch menu, venue and theme. Dr.H and I work best when left in our comfort zone so we planned to organize the party at our home and ruled out the idea of celebrating the birthday in a hotel. Fixing the venue in the first place helped us narrow down our ideas further. We live in the best rented house anyone could ask for but it certainly cannot accommodate a crowd of humans, especially if they are of different age groups. Therefore we finalized the number of invitees to a solid 40 which included the half and quarter tickets that are sure to become baby D’s favorite people in the near future. The tentative food menu was ghee rice, a non-vegetarian sabzi plus the usual accompaniments that usually appear on the banana leaves of a typical south-indian lunch.

I am not a big fan of overdone themes, especially on occasions like these. Bye bye blue-for-boys theme. There was no unnecessary bluish tinge in any of the items. (The cloth in the picture below is accidentally blue, I swear). I just ordered a gingerbread man shaped chocolate cake to duly respect baby D’s love for him. His obsession for gingerbread man began when he was hardly two months old and still continues. Before he turns two, I wish some other folktale character could take over the first place so that I need not run to the bakers demanding for this same brown buddy again.


My SIL who is an adept at DIY home decorations introduced me to great YouTube channels and blogs that could guide even disinterested parents like us to decorate the house all by ourselves. Thus attractive collages made their incontestable entry into the party plan. One thing led to another and our fun experiments with DIY projects contributed to nearly 95% of the decorations.

We made a big collage that says “ONE”, using the photos that convey the important incidents in the first year of baby D’s life – his first pic with grandpa, first selfie, our first Diwali as a family, pics with his nephews and niece, first tooth and major milestones precisely in the order of occurrence. This DIY project I am talking about is no rocket science. It took us just two evenings to complete the work. I have posted the skeletal view of our DIY collage below.


See? I used few bundles of thick thread, 3 to 4 packs of wooden clips, temporary plastic hooks and a lot of patience to make the skeletal view of the collage.

Then I clipped the pictures and blimey!


We used the uni-colored rice bulbs to add a festive effect to the collage. Another artwork that our guests loved was the birthday board which is a hand-painted version of the traditional birthday chalkboards. It costed me 8 cups of coffee, two evenings, a night’s sleep and a cousin (to babysit)Β  to finish the entire task. Amidst the chaos and cries, doodling released the feel-good hormones in me ( some of the credits go to caffeine ) and simultaneously reminded me of those good ol’ days when I used to sit and paint for hours together to spend the summer vacation peacefully. Shoot shoot! Back to the birthday board. I went through the chalkboard templates in Pinterest to design the layout and customized the board with the characteristics of baby D.


Baby D was super-cranky while cutting the cake as he is not much used to a party environment before. But over time, he sensed the fun and frolics happening around and mingled well with the guests.

The pic below was shot when he was not in his best mood to interact with anyone except his Mama Bear. He even shooed Dr.H away and hugged me closer after a minute of taking this picture.

Mama : 1

Dr.H : -1

Since Dr.H politely agreed after I humblebragged about my indispensable role in baby D’s life, let’s raise his score from -1 to a steady zero. Fair play.


I call it a BIG birthday party because almost all the expected guests attended the function, my close friends stood by me from the beginning till end, my cousins showed up much earlier than we anticipated and gave hands in decorating the house, not a speck of food or cake was wasted and every single piece of paper and thread that adorned the house spoke of the efforts that we took to make baby D’s big day even brighter.

Organizing a birthday party at home is indeed too tiresome – packing the baby gears, sweeping the toys to a corner, ignoring the baby’s constant attempts to seek attention, cutting down guests, fixing things within the budget et al., but if it is going to give me half of today’s happiness in return, I wouldn’t mind doing it every year :’)

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  1. Wonderful Divya..
    It is indeed the journey where a mother discovers lot of things in herself.
    Creative….innovative… patience..

    Kudos to the beautiful birthday celebration.

    May God bless Dhanveer with strength and health as he grows to spread joy and happiness around.

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  2. Awesome CA.. u r now a role model to be a great mom.. following u in all blogs.. way to go.. keep up d good work so that v cud get ideas and this s really exciting and waiting for my Lo’s first bday now πŸŽ‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜˜

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you πŸ™‚
      There’s nothing wrong with the cheerful gingerbread man. Since my son loves to watch the video almost always, I am also over exposed to the tale, the yellowish brown shaded screenplay and classic dialogues. To reduce the screen time, I am planning to buy a book on the same theme. I don’t hate anything about it for it was me who introduced the gingerbread man to baby D, but it’s been an year and I feel there is a dire need (for both of us) to learn something new.

      Liked by 1 person

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