Monthly Favorites – June 2018

Most of my blogger pals have already updated their June month’s favorites and almost all of them have wondered in their posts about how the month flew by in a flash. To me, the happening of June was exact opposite of that. The month began with a massive career challenge for Dr.H, I had to boost him throughout the venture, provide all the time, space and stamina to make him ready for the mission. The mission itself demands a whole new post and I’ll definitely talk about it before July ends. 🙂

We shifted to my town for the whole month and the experience being totally new for baby D, paved way for an even better bonding between us.

Lifesaver – My cousin

There’s this youngest cousin of mine about whom I had a preconceived notion that she was immature and irresponsible, since childhood. We grew up together and she is way too younger than me with a decade between our birthdays. It often felt like a generation gap than a sibling gap, hence our relationship wasn’t that fun once she became a teenager. I involuntarily behave like a bossy parent than a friendly sister to her.

Last month when I went back to hometown, she was also there to spend her semester holidays. Not sure if it’s the hostel environment or the new circle of friends she’s spending time with, I witnessed a completely different version of her when we met. Of course, in a positive manner.

She pitched in on a daily basis to look after baby D, while I worked on the pending household chores. And this timely help came from a person whom I always suspected for lack of empathy. I’m glad her good nature bombarded my bad opinions. Moreover, having spent a lot of time with each other, baby D and my cousin now enjoy each other’s company and even share code (or coo) words for communication.

Thanks, Karishma!

Book – The Essential Collection For Young Readers, by Ruskin Bond

When there were no bottles to wash and no nappy clothes to sun-dry, I clinged myself on to this treasured book and figuratively traveled back to the golden days when India’s natural resources were aplenty. Only Ruskin Bond has the unfailing talent to play with the strings of one’s nostalgia that is closely entwined with India’s heavenly mountains and luxuriant foliage. Each tale unravels a scene from the old-fashioned lifestyle of Indians around and after the years of independence, mostly focusing on the rich nature and crowded railway stations.

The drizzling days of June only intensified my connection with the book and I constantly made myself some cups of chai to enjoy reminiscing to the fullest.

Here’s an excerpt for you to relish:

We don’t have to circle the world in order to find beauty and fulfilment. After all, most of living has to happen in the mind. And, to quote one anonymous sage from my trivet, “The world is only the size of each man’s head”

Healthy add-on – Nellikkai (Gooseberry) thogayal

Well, neither me or nor my sweet-toothed Dr.H is a fan of the bitter gooseberry fruit, we never usually prefer adding a handful of them to the cart, even when nothing else is available in the market. This time, my dad bought a kilo of them and dumped into the refrigerator.

My dad is not a gooseberry lover either but his diabetologist had strongly insisted him to include it in his diet in any form, preferably raw. To avoid a dedicated hour of daily gooseberry chopping, I cut all of them, added ginger, garlic, tamarind and green chillis, sprinkled salt and ground the entire mixture to a fine paste.

The tanginess of tamarind transformed the gooseberry thogayal to a whole new level and everyone at home solemnly surrendered their taste buds to it.

To us, with love

Dr.H and I are in our twenty something but do not give least of the least damn about the way we look on the outside. I don’t admit this proudly. We are often tragically caught up in higher priority tasks, the moment we decide to hit the beauty parlor or spa.

Off late, we couldn’t ignore each other’s tired expressionless face without suggesting a simple home remedy for every flaw we saw. I never knew stress could take such a toll on one’s physique until I witnessed it in Dr.H. The day we realized this, our priorities changed upside down and paved way for the spa time to finally happen.

I believe spa is more of a mental, rather than physical rejuvenation thing. The serene ambience, soulful instrumental music and fresh white clothes are just enough to destress the mind and body. The massage is a surplus luxury which is a must to attain the mukti moment during a spa. We had a splendid time together after so many months and I am grateful for the routine mishap that made this possible.

What is your June story? Please comment below 🙂

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