Children’s Book Review – One Mole Digging A Hole

I made my first attempt to enkindle baby D’s numeracy and spurred him on to read One Mole Digging A Hole, a numerical picture book written and illustrated by Julia Donaldson and Nick Sharratt respectively. This colorful counting book has an impressive rating of 3.8 in goodreads which sort of beguiled me into buying it without a second thought.

Julia has penned an easy-to-memorize rhymes that describe a garden scene on a beautiful summer day. Ten different zoological species ranging from bears to bees appear in a rather quixotic manner, with each one diligently executing different forms of manual work in the garden. The species ( I badly wish to replace the word species with garden animals but it might not be 100% relevant) chosen for the depiction of story are highly uncommon in the common children’s books, thus imparting interestingly new information in the young minds.

There are even storks, crows, parrots, snakes and doves whose pictures unquestionably beautify the book. Parrots to carrots, bees to trees, doves to gloves – the words rhyme flawlessly with their pair, bringing endless joy to the little munchkins. Baby D prefers repeating the numbers thrice after each sentence. Like,

One Mole digging a hole, one, one, one!

Two bears picking pears, two, two, two!

The illustrator has been thoughtful enough to design the left and right sides in an extremely different fashion to let the kids of different taste enjoy the numerical or pictorial visuals they prefer.

The right side pages portray the typical summer scenes of a garden with an intense inclusion of modernism and creativity in a clumsy yet colorful fashion. The characters look pleasant and wear mandatory goggles to showcase their cool attitude on a pleasant summer day. It’d have been much graceful to eyes if the pictures weren’t glitzy and overly dramatic. May be, that’s the fun part the author has intended to include, I am not sure. The choice of colors is luckily mild, that’s a big relief.

The left side of the book is unambiguous, with numerical representation and the crystal-clear information goes straight to the baby’s head. Baby D loves the fluttering butterflies that adorn each number in the page.

However, the book didn’t enthral baby D like I anticipated. This is one of his few books that didn’t imbue much of a reaction in any extreme. After the initial denials, the book is receiving consistent attention these days, thanks to momma’s persistence.

one mole

From my experience, One Mole Digging A Hole may not be every baby’s first pick, but I won’t dissuade you into buying one. I’m planning to keep this lively book aside until he turns a solid 1 or 2 and then reintroduce so that he gets the real fun the authors have conveyed. The book is available in Click here to shop.

I’m glad others have been able to connect with this book in a way baby D did not. Earning a 3.8/5 in goodreads proves enough, yeah?!

Mommy rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Baby D’s rating: ⭐⭐⭐

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