Children’s Book Review – Dear Zoo

“Dear Zoo” is a classic lift-the-flap book first written and published in 1982, by Rod Campbell. It is a simple yet captivating book for kids who love to practically experiment the contents while reading. Baby D is totally obsessed with this handy piece of awesomeness and I thought it’d be perfect to post a review right away so that none of the details get missed.


Lift-the-flap books easily attract the little readers more than conventional board books and gain undivided attention, thanks to the intricate flaps and surprising pictures underneath. Dear Zoo is a good example of this kind.

There is a delicate story fragment that connects the animals in the book. And it goes like this – A kid (assumption) writes to the zoo, asking for a pet. The kind animal-guys in the zoo send the kid an elephant, but the pet being too big, the kid sends him back. One after another, the zoo animals send a pet and our kid couldn’t even tame one properly. It’s not the kid’s fault, though. You will agree with me when you get to know the other ‘pet’ animals that are sent each time (An apparent clue in the image below). But that makes the story more lively. The zoo friends who desperately attempt to please the kid finally win the tot’s heart when they send a cute li’l puppy.

The animals in the book are camouflaged in colorful crates and containers, revealing only a tiny portion of themselves out, to arouse eagerness in the inquisitive minds. Each gift has a striking label “From the Zoo” tagged with it and that adds more meaning to the flaps, bringing us closer to the storyline. There aren’t too many words and there is absolutely no clutter in any of the pages. Readers are exposed to a number of commonly known wild animals and their basic characteristics. Example: fierce lion, scary snake, naughty monkey etc.


With ample free space around, the contents project out so well making it easy to be remembered for a long time. In addition, a subtle message that wild animals cannot be tamed at home is conveyed to the playful children out there. Settle for a puppy instead, the author thoughtfully says.

In my opinion, this is one among a handful of good books that’ll never backfire even in the umpteenth time of reading. When I bought the book, I was told that the book would be ideal for toddlers. Surprisingly, even babies who are less than 1 year find Dear Zoo interesting. I firmly believe your littlest family member also deserves this book of joy!

Do I recommend the book?

Yes. Whole-heartedly!!

Mommy rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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