The Invincible Contraception Of All Time

A close school friend, who is a doctor visited our house last week. The last time we met her was a few years ago, so we had to catch up on a lot of topics – marriage life, new friends, old friends and their crush lists, breakups in our common circle, noteworthy trips, well-preserved secrets and much more that cannot be specifically categorized. As we precariously rambled on the above topics, I deftly briefed her my constantly disturbing menstrual history with the latest update being the 73rd day bleeding I’m on. Before Dr.H could call me a sluggard and complain my absent-mindedness in popping the prescribed pills on time, our friend understandingly nodded and advised me on the same. I’m well-known in our family and friends circle for my extensive history of PCOD, needless to say how much my friend who is standing by me for nearly two decades would know. My normal delivery is still a surprise to my mom who constantly worried about my lame medical history.

Dr.H and our friend began ruling out some of the diseases which I thought I had and that included almost all forms of cancer that would cause my bottom to bleed. They always disapprove the knowledge I steadily gained from medical websites. I don’t care who writes them all. If they display my symptoms and give warnings, I salute their sites. “A typical noob, you are!” , they say.

As they proceeded to more complex words that I never heard of, our friend suddenly doubted it could be an IUD infection and asked what type of contraception we are currently in. Our witty Dr.H did not show any signs of emotion in his face but in less than a fraction of second, he hastily pulled baby D from his baby chair and said, “This!”, snugging him closer. The little brat approvingly giggled, not really knowing the awkwardness of the conversation he was pulled in. However, the manner in which Dr.H responded to the question transformed the poignant medical discussion into a lively, humor scene which eventually made us burst into laughter for nearly ten minutes!

Jokes apart, it is indeed true how an active first child who is often a victim of sleep regression can be an effective contraception for internally-unequipped parents like us. We are screwed by life in every other way possible but there is indubitably no chance we can fertilize another fellow overnight, experience panic attacks with UPT sticks and call the entire process an accidental pregnancy. May be what we have is the most natural way of creating a healthy gap between pregnancies. What do you think? 😀

baby laughing

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