Himalaya Gentle Baby Wipes – An Unbiased Review

I have been using Himalaya products for my baby since nine months. During the first 41 days, I did not use any store-bought fragrant wet wipes, effortlessly managed with super-thin, soft, cotton towels ( these are custom-made for newborns and are available in most of the textile shops in our not-so-urbanized town ). I wet them with water and cleaned the delicate baby bum. Baby D had a surprisingly punctual routine those days and the bowel movement was not an exception. That way, sticking to 100% natural, hygiene products was possible.

As he began to grow, the cycle changed and pooping frequency increased. I could not anticipate the outbursts anymore, thereby I decided to buy baby wipes. Himalaya Gentle Baby Wipes topped my list as it bagged more positive reviews online. Many guests who visited me also recommended the same. Besides, I was already using Himalaya Herbal Gentle Baby Soap for baby D, all of these influenced me to continue my bond with the same manufacturer again.

Himalaya Gentle Baby Wipes


These wipes are alcohol-free and has a pleasant fragrance that sure complements the natural smell of newborns. Each piece is emollient enough to clean the baby’s delicate skin, with a texture that doesn’t let us down even if we use it in a hurry.

I opt for Himalaya products mainly because they do not have mineral oil as one of ingredients. They contain Aloe-vera extracts and Indian Lotus that cools, moisturizes and maintains a perfect balance for the sensitive skin. Himalaya Gentle Baby Wipes are more promising, mild on baby and are highly recommended by most moms out there.

I’m not done yet…

Now, before you add this product to your cart, I should also probably tell you the part where Himalaya did not win my heart (Read the title of the post again!). Most of us buy the use-and-throw products in bulk quantities, be it the diapers or sanitary napkins or wipes – we stack them in our cupboard in the beginning of every month. They do not rot, after all!

But here’s where I felt I was tricked. The super-saver packs of Himalaya Gentle Baby Wipes aren’t really a super-saver at all – well, not for the costumers, to be precise. These come with a tightly wrapped, tactfully enticing “super-saver” label, that clearly sticks to the top and bottom packets. No matter how carefully I removed the label, I ended up losing the resealable flap of the top packet along with it. Once the flap comes off, atleast half of the wipes would lose their moisture and fail to serve the intended purpose. And I still thought the mistake was mine so when I bought a twin pack ( MRP : Rs. 320  240 ) yesterday, I asked my husband to do the unpacking ritual.

After listening to my confused rants about the most-loved brand, he scrutinized the whole package and unrolled the label. This time, we perfectly unwrapped the top pack without damaging the resealable flap, at an expense of  5 holy minutes!!!! Allotting this seemingly petty amount of time might be okay, if these wipes aren’t meant for pooplosions. Unfortunately, I am a stay-at-home mom who almost never uses disposable wipes for sauce spill-ups or puree stains, let alone the aesthetic purposes. These days I do, because there is no other way the dried wipes can be put to use. Sigh!

I should probably buy smaller packs or a single one each time, to avoid wastage. A big No No to the combo packs hereafter!!

In short, do not fall for unworthy deals that indirectly drain more money out of you. If you are stubborn and irresistible (like me) when it comes to bewitching baby-wipes offers, I’d recommend you to buy a wipe dispenser beforehand.

Mommy rating

Quality of wipes : 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Individual packaging : 🌟🌟🌟

Super-saver pack : 🌟🌟

Note: Views expressed above are based on the author’s own experience.

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  1. Hi divya, nice review.. I too faced the same problem with packaging.. Later I started buying smaller ones instead of super saver pack😃, But product wise it is the best!!

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