Monthly Favorites – May 2018

The month of May sped by lickety-split, leaving behind a spark of positive energy in me. It is summer here but most of the days, it is just winter-in-disguise. Below are some of the other random things that made the month a remarkable one.

Hooray for Fish!

I ordered this book online after getting to know the title from a Facebook group that sells books for toddlers. Never did I browse about the author or googled the reviews for the book. Baby D already has a thing for fish, thanks to his daddy’s genes. We have made it a habit to bring him near the fish tank, the moment he wakes up from the crib. So I ordered this threat-for-the-wallet book confidently which normally is not one of my characteristics. The book arrived sooner than I expected and the moment I unpacked it, I knew the deal wasn’t a highway robbery at all.

I will write an extensive review for this masterpiece in a day or two but I can’t wait any longer to disclose atleast  a bit of it. As I mentioned earlier, the book is sure to sweep your heart with its ink-blue front cover, which neatly contrasts the eye-popping fish sketches over it. The pages inside are not limited to just the vivid illustrations but has a heartwarming anecdote of a cute baby fish who paddles all along the sea, happily waving at its fish friends and finally landing in the arms of his mommy.

Baby D is SO much in love with this book that he prefers this over all other usual favorites. Me too. This is currently the foolproof panacea for his sleep regression and an adorable companion during the mealtimes, which makes it my most favorite life-saver of the month. 


Splendid Staycation

We had been dreaming of dashing off on a luxury getaway and it finally came true this time of the year. Only in a slightly different manner. Instead of spending the bucks freely and frivolously on long-drives, we decided to visit the unexplored places of our hometown. To my surprise, the trips were completely hassle-free and spontaneous. We didn’t have to worry about taking the baby out of home, because we were only few miles  away from it.
The experience is almost the same as visiting a strange place, or I can even say this is better. We stayed in a luxury hotel, which we normally won’t if the destination demands a seventeen hour drive.

The Popeye-mission

 “I’m strong to the finich cos I eats me spinach, I’m Popeye the sailor man..”
Like most of you, when I was a kid, I was an ardent fan of Popeye. There is nothing I did as an adult to honor my childhood heart-throb so I decided to act upon it by adding greens to my plate. Neither me nor Dr.H loves healthy food, we’d go to any extreme to verbally (shoot back with tongue-on-the-cheek expressions) and literally (tossing in a handful of chips followed by an approving smile) justify our love for fries and fryums, when our relatives advise us. We are that obsessive when it comes to unhealthy food. And yes, being a doctor doesn’t mean Dr.H has orthodox food habits. He drives his patients crazy with the holy principles of consuming good food but never gives a damn about it in his life.
Now with Baby D around, this irresponsibility of the husband began to bother my mommy-brain more. Our brains have a wonderful ability to detect life-threatening habits right on time. Men never understood our awesomeness before and will never do as long as they are given the power to trade a woman’s intellect.
Thus, with endless persuasions and sentimental arguments, I finally made him join hands in my Mission Popeye. From the beginning of May, we have included spinach in our lunch and even planted few  saplings outside home. We take turns to water and prune them whenever needed. It’s not bad as I imagined. I’ve heard people say that green leafy vegetables increase the feel-good factor when consumed regularly. This is the first time I’m experiencing it. I insist you to give it a shot and let me know how you felt.
Happy June, everybody!!! 🙂


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