Healthy Late Night Snacks

When a mom meets another, the most frequently asked question is “Does your kid sleep through the night?” Basically, it’s the only thing we expect from our little ones after dedicating literally the entire time to run errands for them. However, It is not unusual for babies to stay super-active at night, especially in the first few months. We all have our share of late night stories to rant and rave, don’t we?

Anyways, it is important to eat right when you have extended night shifts with your bundle of joy.

Here is a list of healthy late-night snacks you can happily munch on, which do not add up to your postpartum weight.

1. Dried fruits

Dried fruits with no additives offer a number of health benefits. They are loaded with high fiber, antioxidants and various vitamins. Traditional dried fruits are dates, raisins, fig, prunes and apricot. They can be easily stored and used for a longer period of time.

Noshing a handful of these at night would do less harm and more good. Remember, moderation is the key.

2. Banana

Available worldwide, this miracle fruit makes you feel full in no-time. It is rich in fiber and tryptophan, an amino acid that helps in better mood and sleep regulation.

3. Poha

If you wish to have a cooked snack, you can give Poha a try. Poha, also known as flattened rice flakes (Aval in Tamil) is highly nutritious, easily digestible and is a better option than feasting upon rava upma or maida alternatives at night.

4. Ragi biscuits

Ragi is a highly underestimated grain in our country. We blindly fall for the TV advertisements and gobble up biscuits and rusks, like the sportsman in the advertisement does. Each biscuit you consume isn’t equal to the nutrients in a cup of milk. If only you’ve noticed carefully, every biscuit ad says their product gives you the energy equivalent to a cup of milk and NOT the nutrients.

Instead of those sugar-enriched snacks, stock your snacks box with cheap and healthy ragi biscuits. Ragi is rich in calcium, protein, minerals and amino acids. You can pork out on these with absolutely no guilt.

5. Sprouts

Though sprouts are generally believed to be an early morning snack, they can undoubtedly be consumed at night too. Sprouts are extra-special than the usual food items we consume, even better than fresh fruits and veggies, because of its greater concentration of nutrients. This is yet another guilt-free snack you can hog on at night. Grams, moong beans and fenugreek seeds can be easily sprouted at home.

6. Fresh cucumber

Cucumber is an excellent late-night snack that’s easy on stomach while simultaneously keeping it full. 95% of this vegetable contains water which is another reason to include this in your nocturnal diet plan. The more you chew, the better results you get. If you don’t want to have it plain, sprinkle some salt, pepper and mint leaves to enhance the flavour.

7. Omelette

I know, right? But before you get too happy and toss a dozen eggs over the pan, I should tell you the exception here. Omelette with more than an egg is always too much for a late-night snack, so sticking to just one is quintessential. Here’s a compensation for those missing eggs – veggies and spices. Add as many vegetables as you want (eg., Onions, tomatoes) and spice ’em up with chilli powder and garam masala, if needed.

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  1. Sooooooooo happy to read your very first attempt in blogging. I felt as if I read a beautiful poem.I liked the self- introduction much.I have seen your ability in writing during your school days. You have a natural writing skill. I welcome and appreciate your decision. You will succeed in your new endeavour!
    The future is yours !

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  2. Great post. I used to give my daughter a banana every night before she went to bed. I heard they help with sleep. Now that my kids are full grown they love fruits and most veggies because I introduced these foods to them when they were little. Thanks for sharing some great advice.


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